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SYFY Channel Searches for Greatest Science-Fiction Fan of All Time
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Paris, France
BETC campaign sees one person win €10,000 and be named the ultimate Sci-fi fan

The SYFY channel continues to celebrate science-fiction culture by launching a search for the biggest science-fiction fan, so that they may become the timeless hero of the genre. This champion, to be known as the Chosen One, will not only be remembered for generations to come, but rewarded handsomely with an impressive €10,000 prize. However, the road to get there will not be easy, as ETERNITY promises to put science-fiction knowledge to the ultimate test.

€10,000? Yes, you read that right.

SYFY presents the opportunity for fans across the world* to prove their science-fiction knowledge and claim the title of greatest superfan, becoming a legend for the rest of eternity. Novice or expert, everyone can try their luck at

Face the Guardian’s riddles to become the Chosen One.

If you think you have what it takes and want to stand a chance of winning an incredible €10,000 prize, you will have to face the Guardian, a supreme entity that will relentlessly submit them to hundreds of riddles in order to test their science-knowledge.

The game will be accessible starting on February 22nd at in France, Spain, Poland, Portugal and many other countries*, and will end on March 22nd. Only the participant with the highest score at the end of the game will become the Chosen One.

Will you dare challenge the Guardian?

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