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Suzuki Shows You Don’t Need a ‘Car-Mate’ to Get a Good Deal on the Hybrid Swift

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London, UK
Iris take an '80s twist for the training montage inspired spot

The Suzuki Hybrid Swift is a real crowd pleaser, with a reversing camera, cruise control and fancy smartphone technology all coming as standard. Pair that with the fact it can come from £169 a month with 0% APR, and you’ve got an almost unheard-of deal. 

To illustrate this amazing value, creative agency Iris tapped into the global car-shopping insight that people often turn to a trusted and knowledgeable ‘car-mate’ when buying a car, who helps make sure they’re well prepared and get a good deal when they visit a dealership. 

In the new 30 second TV spot, an 80s inspired training montage shows the car buyer prepping for his purchase thanks to his trusty ‘car-mate’. Just as he gears up for his big moment of entering the Suzuki dealership to begin his negotiation for a good-deal he discovers that the Suzuki Swift SZ-L already has everything he was looking for. No hard-nosed haggling or ‘car-mate’ required. 

Jodie Brook, communications manager at Suzuki, commented: “The Suzuki Swift is a great car packed with amazing features, we wanted to illustrate this with an entertaining campaign to kick off 2021.” 

Ross Taylor, creative director, Iris said: “Everyone has a ‘car-mate’ – that person that will tell you all you need to know about getting the best deal, whether you ask them or not! We built our campaign from this simple humbling insight that we knew would resonate with our audience and carry the message that the new Suzuki Swift comes with everything as standard.”

The campaign launches on 12th Jan across TV and social. The media is handled by The 7 Stars. 

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