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Survive Isolation One Toilet Roll at a Time with ‘Bog Roll Buddies’

Advertising Agency
London, UK
Cheetham Bell have been raising spirits by turning toilet rolls into famous figures

In these unprecedented times, we all need some light relief and fun, and where best to look for inspiration than to the classic toilet humour.

North West based advertising agency, Cheetham Bell, have been keeping spirits high and tapping into the toilet roll craze with the introduction of their ‘Bog Roll Buddies’ campaign on Instagram – a new weekend activity for all to enjoy. 

The premise of the campaign is to take a used toilet roll, add some craft materials, create a character and simply get those puns at the ready!

Steve Lownes, creative group head at Cheetham Bell commented: “As we witnessed people going mad for toilet rolls, we wondered if there was a more light-hearted approach to it amidst these challenging and uncertain times. 

“Isolation can be lonely and we know we could be in this position for several weeks yet to come, so the team came up with the concept of ‘Bog Roll Buddies’, a creative and fun way to pass the time, as well as making every precious roll count and last even longer!

“We’ve been creating people, characters and more out of many stockpiled toilet rolls in a bid to bring a smile to the nation, and also provide some light entertainment whilst indoors, especially with Easter almost upon us, it’s a great activity for the long weekend ahead.” 

Donald Dump, Harry Plopper and Smears Morgan are just a few of the hand-crafted characters in the ‘Bog Roll Buddies’ line-up that have lifted spirits during this time. 

As part of MediaCom North, Cheetham Bell have gained involvement from the wider team and the craze has now taken off further afield as more people look to create their own take on ‘Bog Roll Buddies’.

Cheetham Bell are now asking the nation to join in and get involved in the movement. You too can make one yourself, or with the family, post it on Instagram at bogrollbuddies and simply tag #bogrollbuddies to add it to the collection. 

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