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Surprise Visitors Can't Get Enough of Tata Pravesh Doors and Windows
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Mumbai, India
Gajraj Rao and Priyamani star in the Wunderman Thompson campaign

Exactly a year back, Tata Pravesh opened Gajraj Rao’s eyes to the virtues of steel doors & windows over wood in the first ever thematic film for the brand. It drove home the message that Tata Pravesh wall opening solutions are ‘Akela Hi Kaafi’ because they have unmatched strength, are termite and fire-resistant, weatherproof and maintenance-free. The campaign with the film as its centrepiece led to an exponential increase in google searches, sales call volume, organic website traffic and intent to purchase. While the campaign had a significant impact on awareness of the category and brand and consideration for Tata Pravesh, it did not have as much of an effect on actual purchase in terms of average monthly customers.  

The spike in customers could have been much more if only they had called Tata Pravesh before installing the door frame. How would that have helped? The prevalent practice in India is to install the door frame at the time of brickwork. So when walls are being constructed, frames for doors and windows are embedded in the masonry. Customers who had decided to purchase Tata Pravesh after being exposed to the campaign found that they could not because they had already installed ordinary frames in their walls. Tata Pravesh  products fit only the frames they come with. Breaking down the wall to remove the ordinary frames was not an option. Hence, even with the best of intentions, such customers had to settle for wooden doors & windows.  

How would calling Tata Pravesh before installing the frame help? Customer care personnel would advise the Individual Home Builders [IHBs] on the exact size of opening to be kept in the walls for Tata Pravesh doors & windows. Moreover, the IHB would be advised not to install an ordinary frame at the time of brickwork since Tata Pravesh products come with their own frames which can be easily screwed into a finished wall.  

It was imperative to get IHBs to call Tata Pravesh customer care before they installed an ordinary frame. How to get the message across so we bring the horse - the IHB - to the water and make him drink? The team at Wunderman Thompson needed the face of the brand - Gajraj Rao - who was riding the crest of a career wave - to deliver the message through a sequel to the first film.  

The message was 2-fold - Tata Pravesh comes with its own frame. So remember to call the customer care number before installing an ordinary frame. The Wunderman Thompson team needed twice the firepower of the first film to deliver this two-pronged message and turned to another actor who had hit a purple patch in the OTT space - Priyamani.  

This is the first time ever that Gajraj Rao and Priyamani share screen space, ensuring eyeballs for the TVC - The Surprise Visit. Gajraj plays a ‘family man’ in the film which makes casting Priyamani all the more appropriate. The story begins with Priyamani calling on Gajraj to enquire about the stunning Tata Pravesh door at the entrance to his home. Gajraj is completely mesmerised by this ethereal beauty at his doorstep and a romance begins to brew in his imagination on overdrive. Watch ‘The Surprise Visit’ to know what happens next.  

A 360-degree campaign anchored by TV has been conceptualised to drive home the dual message. Produced by Small Fry Productions, the film - propelled by the combined celebrity of Gajraj and Priyamani - is supported by print, OOH, POS and digital.  

Commenting on the film, Animesh Roy, National Business Head - Tata Pravesh, Tata Steel Ltd., said: “The previous campaign 'Akela Hi Kaafi Hai' helped Tata Pravesh enter the consideration set of customers and we're proud to be part of 50,000+ Indian homes. The latest film will hopefully bring many more households into the Tata Pravesh family. The popularity of Gajraj Rao & Priyamani will not only further enhance awareness of the brand but also effectively deliver the message that Tata Pravesh comes with its own frame and Individual Home Builders (IHBs) need to call us before installing an ordinary frame.”

Commenting on the creative concept, Arjun Mukherjee, VP & Senior ECD, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, said: “In this film, we take up where we left off in the first one. Gajraj Rao is no longer the naïve, unsuspecting customer of the first film. And Priyamani makes a heart-stopper of an appearance in this one. The effort was to tell the story in an entertaining and engaging way with penny drop moments that are sure to bring a smile. Who says you can’t have fun while introducing a toll-free number?”

Vijay Jacob Parakkal, senior VP and managing partner, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, said: “Getting Gajraj Rao and Priyamani together was a casting coup of sorts by the Wunderman Thompson team. They really helped bring this script to life and made it a very entertaining and memorable film. We are really looking forward to seeing the response to this new Tata Pravesh campaign.”

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