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Struck Creates 1st 'Forced Perspective' Subway Wrap

Ad agencies work for Utah office of tourism


Continuing To Innovate in the Travel Tourism Marketing Niche, Struck Conceptualizes and Delivers Integrated Advertising Campaign that Captures the Beauty of Utah
Struck unveiled today its latest work for the Office of Tourism for the state of Utah, a one-of-a-kind environmental/OOH advertising effort that focuses on bringing San Franciscans to the Beehive State.  
Draping Utah's epic scenery in the Montgomery Station tunnel, Struck went a step beyond traditional outdoor advertising, creating a unique 'forced perspective' technique that employs optical illusion to make Utah's famous Delicate Arch appear as an up close and personal experience to rapid transit system commuters.  The environmental advertising conveys a social media look/feel, including links to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and QR codes to encourage more immediacy.  Struck partnered with Love Communications, a SLC-based firm, for media planning/placement duties for the Utah Office of Tourism account.
"The uniqueness of Utah's beauty has us looking for new ways to reach consumers," said Leigh von der Esch, managing director of the Utah Office of Tourism, an agency of the Governor's Office of Economic Development.  "We are excited to see how San Franciscans and visitors to the tunnel will react to the installation of Utah's beauty.  "Our Salt Lake City-based agency Struck has come up with a very unique way to showcase the state."  
Struck Executive Creative Director Steve Driggs comments, "We believe our 'forced perspective' installation featuring Utah's Delicate Arch is the first of its kind in the environmental advertising category.  Actually we think it's unheard of in the OOH marketing space.  The creation of the tunnel wrap required us to collaborate with a 3D illustrator who scanned the entire length of the tunnel in all its dimensions.  We then needed to plot the scans based on GPS coordinates in a 3D architectural rendering program. In the end we've delivered a unique advertising experience in San Francisco that literally transports viewers to Utah."
The Montgomery Station Tunnel 'wrap' is just one element from Struck's "Life Elevated" Spring/Summer integrated advertising campaign for the State.   The campaign is targeted to key western feeder markets using network TV, digital outdoor, online display, and social media promotion.  Struck has been the Utah Office of Tourism's agency-of-record for seven years, and produces ongoing, fully integrated seasonal campaigns that include broadcast, print, OOH, and interactive executions-showcasing Utah's natural beauty and unique outdoor activities for both the summer and winter seasons.
Focusing on Utah's top travel seasons (Summer and Winter), Struck's advertising for the Utah Office of Tourism includes campaigns that pack creative surprises (Humanized snowflakes! An overloaded Jeep Wagoneer!) while also focusing on the key strategic differences that Utah offers: The Greatest Snow on Earth(tm) and Access for winter promotion,  and  Utah's five National Parks for summertime adventures.  To strategically position the state as a top-tier destination, Struck crafted the UTAH LIFE ELEVATED(tm) brand and the award-winning campaigns that have come to define the state.
Client: Utah Office of Tourism
Managing Director: Leigh von der Esch
Deputy Director, Marketing & Research: Dave Williams
Agency: Struck
Executive Creative Director: Steve Driggs
Art Director: Nathan Wigglesworth
Copywriter: Garrett Martin
3D Model Development and Production: Abe Day & Joe Williamsen (freelancers)
Producer: Stevie Meier
Account Director: Jeremy Chase
Jr. Account Manager: Kelly McClelland
Love Communications
Media Director: Peggy Conway
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