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StreetEasy Helps New Yorkers 'Win The Game of Real Estate' in an Ultra-Competitive Market

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Austin, USA
Campaign from Preacher hits NYC streets, highlighting how StreetEasy’s tools and Experts Network help New Yorkers buy, rent or sell in one of the most competitive markets in a decade

New York City is in the midst of a resurgence. Broadway has returned, subway ridership is up, offices are opening, and now, StreetEasy ads are back. For New Yorkers planning a move, this resurgence also signals packed open houses and fierce competition. As of January 2022, rental inventory across New York City is the lowest it’s been in eight years, and sales prices are climbing back to their pre-pandemic levels. New York City real estate has always been uniquely fast-paced and competitive, and StreetEasy empathizes with New York City buyers, renters and sellers looking for a leg-up.

This week StreetEasy is debuting its new ad campaign, “Win The Game of Real Estate” that highlights how StreetEasy can help New Yorkers win at real estate—whether buying, selling or renting-- in what’s currently the most competitive real estate market in almost a decade. The campaign was created by StreetEasy’s agency of record Preacher and aims to feed the drive of New Yorkers to make successful real estate moves through empowering consumers with tools, data and the hyperlocal expertise of a StreetEasy Expert. It’s the first time StreetEasy’s Tools and Experts Network are taking a front seat in a campaign as StreetEasy looks to expand its offering to go beyond the initial search and help streamline the entire real estate transaction for NYC renters, buyers and sellers.

The creative pays homage to the classic board games people grew up loving while also creating a New York-centric game that felt rich and eye-grabbing, with visual surprises and NYC layers to take in while New Yorkers are commuting to their destination. 

Preacher partnered with iconic artist Jon Contino--founder of CONTINO, and an award-winning, influential staple in the design community who lives and breathes all things NYC – to bring the game aesthetic to life, creating fun, raw yet sophisticated visuals, and clever typographic twists to make the work pop. Jon’s prolific career and unmistakable hand-drawn style seen in work for brands like Nike and Hulu, made him the perfect collaborator for this campaign.

The massive OOH campaign will run through October throughout the city’s most popular neighborhoods on streets, sidewalks, subway cars, buses, billboards, wallscapes and taxis. Ads will also be running on social.

Nicole Savdie, Director of Marketing at StreetEasy says, “It’s exciting to see the unmatched energy and buzz of New York City return, and with it, StreetEasy’s latest ad campaign. The New York City market is the most competitive it’s been in years. New Yorkers want more ways to get a leg up in finding the right apartment and getting to move-in day. “Win The Game of Real Estate” highlights all the ways StreetEasy can help them navigate their buying, renting or selling journey. We want all New Yorkers to know that with the many tools StreetEasy offers, including the ability to match them with the right agent, they can navigate this tricky market and make moves with confidence.”

“StreetEasy is not only a beloved NYC brand, but people notice and remember their ads,” Says Rob Baird, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Preacher. “They’ve set a pretty high bar for attention-grabbing out of home, and our goal was to create a campaign that was just as engaging as their previous work. The key was designing a game and messaging within our ads that could speak to everyone looking to make their next move in NYC, and hopefully delight New Yorkers while educating them on how they can actually win by teaming up with StreetEasy.” 

This marks StreetEasy’s seventh campaign since its advertising debut in 2015, with “Live As You Please,” which was followed by 2016’s, “Find Your Formula,” 2017 and 2018’s “Find Your Place” campaigns, 2019’s "There's Only One City" and 2020’s "It’s Okay to Look.”

StreetEasy’s Tools and Experts Network Take a Front Seat in This Campaign 

Over the past 15 years, StreetEasy has focused on building a real estate platform that offers New Yorkers the tools, data and guidance to help ensure a successful search in this unique market. That includes StreetEasy’s Experts Network. Experts are licensed real estate agents who partner with StreetEasy, using their hyper-local expertise to help New Yorkers navigate the journey of buying and selling in NYC with confidence. We pair buyers and sellers with Experts based on neighborhood, price point, and property type - ensuring they’re best suited to add value to your real estate transaction.

Experts have verified experience in buying or selling homes , listing types, and neighborhoods, and who are committed to the highest level of customer service. Experts are both deeply knowledgeable and great to work with. That’s why we recommend using them when it’s time to buy or sell.

The guidance and benefits of the StreetEasy Experts Network are highlighted in the 2022 campaign, captured in lines like “Sell your condo faster than you can say 'multiple offers over asking. // Team up with a StreetEasy Expert™. List Your Home for the Right Price.”, and “Apply to the Co-op with People who Apply to Co-ops for a Living. // Buy with a StreetEasy Expert™. Create a Standout Application.” 

Also featured in this year’s campaign is the StreetEasy Valuation, a tool available to NYC homeowners that calculates an estimate of their property’s current market value, powered by StreetEasy’s unrivaled market data. 

The ads focus on the real needs and wants of buyers, sellers and renters in NYC. For example, a dishwasher is the #3 amenity on our list of New Yorker’s apartment “must-haves” according to StreetEasy data, and our creative showcases how New Yorkers can come to StreetEasy to search for homes in a way that easily prioritizes the amenities we know they care about most.