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Story Productions Races to 2021 with Its Food-Filled Stop Motion Christmas Film

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São Paulo, Brazil
Director Rafael Terpins works on 'Christmas Dreams' to mark the end of a turbulent year

The Story Productions team in São Paulo decided to mark this year with a short stop motion film that would tell the story of the past year in allegorical form.  

Making a Christmas film has become a tradition at the company, as this is the third year such an endeavour has been made, albeit on a larger scale than what was attempted in the past.

This year Story Productions called upon the expertise of Rafael Terpins, a well known Brazilian stop motion/documentary maker.

The brief was to depict the company’s 2020 story in stop motion, using food, Christmas and a race—hinting at the upcoming launch of their ob-doc series named ‘Formula Dreams’.

The aim of the exercise was to tap into the creative neurons of the Story Productions crew, using the full range of its capabilities, from writing, storyboarding, photography, food lighting, post production, sound design and sound post production.

The production company wanted to showcase the talent they have on the ground in Brazil, as travel restrictions are limiting the mobility of clients and their entire creative crew.

The result was a campaign to wish their clients, friends and family a merry Christmas. (And a little creative something for their moms to be proud of, too.)

The full production process took three weeks: 1 day of pre-light and rehearsals, 5 days of pre production, 5 days of recording, and 6 days of post production. During the process, a total of 126 eclairs were used for the 6 main characters. Over 50 scenes were produced and recorded in a special photo studio.

“Covid-19 has created a situation where distances are not relevant anymore: everyone works remotely and, ironically, the borders are shut. Clients need to find the right partner to help execute their creative vision regardless of distance. The key to success is teamwork and seamless communication across cultures. Mobilizing our team to make a showcase Christmas video ticks an awful lot of boxes," said Nick Story, EP at Story Productions

The project will run as a social media campaign over the Christmas and New Year holidays until Story Productions re-opens shop in January.

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