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Stink's Salomon Ligthelm's Scenic Spot for S7 Airlines Brings Photos to Life

Production Company
London, UK
Salomon directed the visually striking spot and it was edited by Rock Paper Scissors, with VFX by Blacksmith and grade by Company3
For their latest “Make Photos Come True” campaign S7 Airlines invites people to raise their eyes from the gadgets and go explore the real world for a change, It is a call-to-arms to break free from the loop of boomerangs. To see the world beyond filters. Likes. Hearts. Shares. Because every photo is a destination to be experienced. 

Make photos come true. A simple yet so truthful a message, not only for Russians, but an entire generation across the world. Shapeshifting into film, print, radio and digital, the message becomes a mantra for the whole campaign. 

Directed by Stink Films’ Salomon Ligthelm, the film presents a dissonance between the digital and the real world. In the first part of the story, the viewers are immersed in a world of boomerangs, cinemagraphs, likes and shares. A world that we are all drawn to and keeps us captive. To prove this, the film is interrupted for a moment of reflection with complete black screen for people to see themselves trapped in the digital world. Even while watching this film. 

In the second part of the story, the restrictions are gone and digital photographs turn into a burst of emotions. This world is louder, liberating, filled with adrenaline, love, friendship and experiences that get imprinted forever in our memories.

With this film, S7 Airlines goes beyond picturesque landscapes and transcends into a culturally charged universe by bringing forward subcultures, habits and rituals across the world. 

The message is further carried in print, radio and digital. The print showcases iconic photos of popular destinations while the headlines contradict the obvious locations are the words reigning over one of the most famous landmarks in Russia’s capital concludes another print displaying a photo of the Brandenburg gate. Truth being that these are just photographs not the real destinations themselves.

The radio spots present people writing posts for their photos before sharing them on social media. And even though some might say a photo is worth a 1000 words, there are destinations in this world that will leave one speechless. 

Last but not least, the web app is a place where people can literally make photos come true. The users are able to discover destinations by simply uploading their favourite photos. In exchange, they receive a boarding pass to the destination behind their images and a discount to be used when purchasing tickets to make photos come true. 

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