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Step into World Famous Paintings with Magical Reflections VR/XR Experience
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Paris, France
Meta Creative Shop, Alte Nationalgalerie and makemepulse launch a mixed reality immersive experience which integrates shareable virtual photography

We take and share about one trillion digital images each year and among the most popular images being shared are selfies taken in front of famous objects, places and monuments.

Meta and Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin have collaborated with International production company makemepulse to create ‘Magical Reflections’, a VR/XR experience which connects visual and virtual arts, captures the creative vision of the old masters, and transforms their iconic artworks into virtual photography hotspots.

Check out the full experience here.

Magical Reflections is a cinematographic 3D gallery showcasing multiple works of the iconic artist Johann Erdmann Hummel all on display at the renowned Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin. One feature invites visitors into The Granite Dish, one of Hummels most iconic paintings. The visitor can step inside the artwork, navigate a defined area of the painting and using virtual photography, take a snapshot and share on Facebook enabling them to be fully immersed into the artwork.

Virtual photography is a growing movement and started out in video games. What might have initially been intended by developers as a novel way to get players to share screenshots of a game on social media - and get it trending - has led to, some claim, the birth of a genuine new artform. In Magical Reflections it allows the visitor to observe the piece from a different and unique perspective - their own - and experience the story Hummel wanted to tell in his painting.

In the main gallery inspired by the interior of the real-life Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin, art lovers are able to view a variety of paintings, zoom in for a closer look and rotate the camera to experience the piece in multiple angles, often with subtle changes of light depending on the angle - as if in a real life gallery.

Dr. Ralph Gleis, director of Alte Nationalgalerie said: "The Alte Nationalgalerie is always on the lookout for new ways to make its collections and exhibitions accessible to the widest and most diverse audience possible, including through digital offerings - not only since the start of the pandemic. In the case of Johann Erdmann Hummel, the rediscovery of this artist can now take place in a new way in a Virtual Experience. Virtual photography also opens up a new creative approach to Hummel's works. We are delighted with this successful cooperation with Meta, which made this expansion into digital space possible." - Dr. Ralph Gleis, Director of Alte Nationalgalerie

Christina Keller, director creative shop Central Europe, Meta added: “Together with makemepulse and the Berlin Alte Nationalgalerie we took the first steps towards creating an immersive XR art experience. This project shows all that is possible on the way to the metaverse, a series of virtual spaces where we can experience things together with other people. Building experiences towards the Metaverse in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, including cultural institutions and artists, is important to make sure that we include diverse perspectives to make this vision a reality.”  

Nicolas Rajabaly, co-founder & CCO makemepulse also commented: "The arrival of Meta has born a newfound digital culture, one in which provides very exciting possibilities. Magical Reflections not only allows us to create an immersive experience for a national gallery, iconic artist and world famous artwork, but also to integrate a sharable, social element with the fusion of virtual photography."

A VR version of the experience using Oculus VR technology is also available.

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