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Standard Production Agreement launched by CPC

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Sydney, Australia
The Commercial Producers Council (CPC) announces release



The Commercial Producers Council (CPC) today announces the release of a Standard Production Agreement and Terms & Conditions, developed to assist all parties operating in the area of commercial production. While each production project operates within different parameters, standardising the process clarifies responsibilities and creates better efficiencies. It does not remove the need for negotiation but should act as a guide for parties to operate within the spirit of sustainable business partnerships.


The Agreement aims to provide improved certainty on:
•    Deliverables;
•    Storage of assets;
•    Payment terms; 
•    Cancellation or postponement arrangements; and,
•    Other key issues that affect the agencies working in commercial production.


Chair of the CPC, Emma Lawrence, said: “This is a very exciting development that we have been leading up to since our inception. The Standard Production Agreement provides more certainty in the trading of services, reducing risk on both sides and creating a fair work environment in which quality production is able to thrive. We believe this will be welcomed by all parties, and endorsement from The Communications Council further signals a promising step towards better industry practice.” 


On behalf of The Communications Council National Board, CEO Margaret Zabel, said: “We are very pleased to be part of this industry process to develop the new Standard Production Agreement – it needed to be evolved to be more reflective of the changing environment.  We believe it will help raise industry standards through greater contractual structure and transparency.”
Influence has come from key stakeholders including Agency Heads of Production, Chief Financial Officers and Agency Management. With the endorsement of The Communications Council’s National Board, the Agreement will now become a benchmark for best practice in Australia. It has also been shared with the newly formed New Zealand Advertising Producers Group and adapted for the local market, resulting in a cross-Tasman best practice industry standard. 


The CPC has also established a mediation policy to assist in the event of contractual disputes between parties. With mediation increasingly proving a preferred alternative for dispute resolution to legal proceedings, The CPC is hopeful that the new policy will prove a valuable tool for members in guiding them through the process.  


The CPC formed in 2011, as part of The Communications Council, with the objective of providing legal guidance and operational support to those in the business of commercial production in times of economic pressure. The group is chaired by Emma Lawrence (Exit Films) and Juliet Bishop (GoodOil). For a full list of members, click here.


For further information on the Standard Production Agreement, please contact Genevieve Murphy here.  

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