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Social Media: A How to Guide for the New Normal 

Advertising Agency
New York, USA
Danisha Lomax, VP/GD, paid social lead at Digitas NA explains the different impacts on how to get back to working normally after lockdown

It’s normal for advertisers to take a moment to pause in response to a crisis. However, the current pause we’re in may be unprecedented in length. So when is the right time to resume? Now that the world has reached a new normal, how do you go to market with a new set of consumer insights, while staying compassionate and authentic as marketers?

Consumer Insights

Social Media remains a priority for consumers; the percentage of users continues to climb, week over week:

  • Facebook Messenger is seeing a spike in usage, with a 70% increase in video calls and group chats
  • Instagram Live usage is up 50% 
  • TikTok MAUs increased by 30% 
  • Snapchat lens usage is up 25% and time spent watching shows is higher than ever 
  • Twitter has seen a 23% increase 
  • Pinterest is seeing spikes in searches/saves 

Marketplace Evaluation

Current state, social media usage is at an all-time high. The platforms are seeing new consumers join, while daily consumers have increased time spent scrolling. These changes have all led to a positive shift in buying trends. The cost brands would usually pay to play on that media is positively reflecting that increase.

Now is the time for brands to lean into social media advertising. Think about ways to enhance your brand’s presence, building equity, while taking advantage of the dynamic pricing we see today.

Putting it into Practice

The brands and business models that can support the current economic climate should have a short-term avenue to gain visibility with their audience for lower media investments. Knowing that this time may not last forever -- and to effectively take advantage of the cost savings -- brands must do so with intention and ensure messaging is empathic and builds equity. As communities continue to look for perspective and resources, brands can adjust their campaign messaging to support consumers when they need it most. Social platforms can also be the agile version of a focus group to get feedback on which messages drive higher resonance and action at scale.