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SMART Communications and BTS Launch Campaign Sends Powerful Message to Youth

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Dentsu JaymeSyfu wanted fans and subscribers alike to get the ultimate BTS experience through Smart's data offerings

On April 22nd, 2021, after much anticipation and excitement, Smart Communications, Inc. released its long-awaited 'Live Your Passion with Purpose' campaign headlined by the world’s leading pop icon, BTS. 

The epic campaign established Smart Communications in advertising history as the first and only Philippines company to ever seal a direct partnership with BTS under HYBE, formerly Big Hit Entertainment. 

Shot in Seoul at the height of the global lockdown, the campaign has the seven BTS members on different versions of The Penrose Stairs—symbolic of defying impossible situations. It is set to two of the band’s most recent hits—the  inspirational Life Goes On followed by the record-breaking hit Dynamite—appropriately providing the score to a timely and encouraging message to Filipino ARMY during the Philippines’ most challenging time.  

Keep Inspiring. Keep Moving. Keep Exploring. Keep Learning. Keep Connecting. 

Keep Chasing Your Passion. Keep Living Your Purpose.  

Sometimes the climb seems steep, but the important thing is to keep going and keep doing what you love, because passion and purpose have no limit with Smart Prepaid. 

“BTS won over the hearts of millions all over the world, not just with their talent, but also with their messages of hope  and inspiration. On behalf of Smart, we are very honored to have this partnership with BTS that encourages the Filipino youth to keep their faith and continue pursuing their passion and purpose no matter the challenges the lie  ahead,” said Jane J. Basas, SVP and head of consumer wireless business at Smart.  

And BTS is the perfect vehicle to spread the message of limitless passion and purpose, having broken countless records, barriers, and ceilings, despite all the odds. A vision that Smart not only shares with BTS, but all Filipinos.  

“As the leading digital services provider in these crucial times, we at Smart are committed more than ever to make it simple and easy for Filipinos to go all out on their passions and fulfill their purpose. We want to inspire the youth and  create a better world for them,” stated Alfredo S. Panlilio, Smart president and CEO. 

This is now made even simpler and easier with Smart Prepaid’s Giga and Data offerings and innovative products.  

“Like global and local brands endorsed by BTS, Smart Prepaid also created offers aligned with the campaign. The goal for this product is to up the ante for data users so Smart introduces Double Giga Data. It is a set of products that allows the subscribers to get double giga for digital platforms they use the most, like those you find in Giga Video, Stories, Games, Study and Work. Having more gig to allow subscribers to immerse into their interests enables  them to grow and be better at those they are passionate about,” Miriam Choa, head of Smart prepaid marketing, shared excitedly.  

Dentsu JaymeSyfu, the award-winning agency behind the advertising material, wanted fans and subscribers alike to get the ultimate BTS experience through Smart's data offerings. So, the agency's tech team DIGIT X, came up with a real-time, experiential digital stunt. 

The video was launched with a special website that allowed users to turn any mobile phone into a light stick, simply by subscribing to Smart or being an existing Smart subscriber. The light stick interacts with the digital film as it plays. This provided an even more enjoyable and immersive viewing experience, as light sticks are a k-cultural staple in any concert or event. The 'ARMY,' BTS’ global term for their fan group, would usually attend their idols' concert with the  BTS official light stick 'The Army Bomb.' While not everyone has an ARMY Bomb, they all have a mobile phone. 

JR Ignacio, DIGITX chief technology officer said that: "This magical experience can only work if the devices have  Smart SIM cards. During the launch, some even changed their SIMs to get this full BTS experience- which was really  cool." 

Merlee Jayme, Dentsu Mcarrybowen global president, a BTS fan herself, added: "As we've witnessed, the year has brought digital adoption to speed. The youth, especially consumed data like no  other. They demanded for creativity and great experience like never before. As creatives, we had to open up to new possibilities. As our physical worlds became anxious and constrained, virtual experiences were charged with emotion. Content has to be experienced." 

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