SKY Takes its Customers on an Entertainment Journey for Latest Ad

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Gisele Bündchen and Fábio Porchat star in the spots from FCB Brasil focusing on everyday accessibility of SKY to customers
SKY Takes its Customers on an Entertainment Journey for Latest Ad

SKY, the largest satellite subscription TV service provider in the country, is announcing its new campaign for both post-paid and pre-paid products, featuring Gisele Bündchen and Fábio Porchat, respectively. The videos, created by FCB Brasil, introduce a new positioning for the brand, with a focus on the consumer’s everyday life; SKY shows that it can be present in all micro-moments along the journey, when and how the customer wants and likes to have fun.

The new perspective has been under development since January 2019 – after the arrival of Estanislau Bassols, SKY’s new president. Since last year, the company has been focused on becoming the entertainment center for all Brazilians, delivering the best entertainment for each type of audience. With actions targeting infrastructure, content and platforms, SKY has been working under a mindset of digital transformation and innovation, trying to continuously expand and optimise its services and the customer’s experience.

“The new positioning is the natural result of the work the company has been doing in the last 12 months. Our goal is to deliver one SKY for each Brazil, with content diversity that is present in every moment of our consumers’ journeys in a natural way, turning fun and recreation into something much more pleasurable and complete, both for pre-paid and post-paid customers. In the last year, through various initiatives, we optimised access to the multiplatform content, invested in local programming with the release of a series on Globo affiliates throughout the country, and made our pre-paid product even more flexible, with short charges and more package options,” emphasises Gustavo Fonseca, VP of marketing and Strategy at SKY.

The new campaign translates the more inclusive stance of the company. With the help of supermodel Gisele Bündchen – the face of the company for over 10 years – and of comedian Fábio Porchat, the videos connect different types of audiences to the multiplicity of the company’s programming and services, presenting SKY as an entertainment aggregator. “We are present in every city in the country, and we want to democratise access to content for all Brazilians. Which is why we want the audience to think SKY whenever they think entertainment,” adds Gustavo.

In the post-paid campaign, ‘Connections’ – which has a light, fun, and casual tone –, Gisele Bündchen no longer portrays characters that promote the programming, but rather portrays SKY, showing how the brand, its products and services are the best company in the most varied moments and situations in the audience’s everyday lives. Whether watching a movie that has just come out in the theatres, listening to live news during a bath, watching their team play in real time even when away from home, keeping up with their favourite series in the taxi cab or while getting ready to go to work – the company is always present when the audience is having fun and consuming content. In this campaign, Gisele concludes the videos by inviting everyone to have fun with the company: ‘SKY. We have fun together.’

As for the pre-paid segment, Porchat stars in ‘Ninja’ and mixes in even more humour as he shows that the product is increasingly more present in the consumers’ journeys, reaching the audience wherever they are and offering universal access to content and entertainment. Fábio plays a ninja warrior that travels to a small countryside city to surreptitiously install SKY antennas on people’s roofs. When he gets caught, he answers with the campaign’s motto: “you thought you could watch ninja movies straight out of the theatres? You thought right!” He then drops a ninja bomb and appears sitting on a couch beside a couple, in their living room. He rents a movie and says: “With SKY Pre-Paid, now you can watch movies that just came out of the theatres.” The video closes with ‘SKY Pre-Paid is here to change the way you have fun’ – which is the new product signature, showing that the customer’s experience is ever more widely available, in whatever device makes the most sense to them.

“The videos are more dynamic and feature our consumers as protagonists, emphasising that our users have fun with SKY, whether during their commute or in the comfort of their homes. The pieces also introduce the diversity of the content we offer, the fast connections, and the omnipresence of the largest satellite subscription TV service provider in the country, that is naturally present in every moment of its users’ free time consumption journey. SKY stands beside its customers 24x7, turning entertainment and fun into something even more pleasurable, whether for post-paid or pre-paid users,” says Alex Rocco, SKY Brasil marketing director. “The new concept, ‘SKY. We have fun together,’ is the representation of how, now more than ever, SKY is bringing Brazilians together around entertainment,” adds the director.

“It was a great challenge to change Gisele’s history with SKY; this is a relationship of over 10 years and that has led to many memorable campaigns. On one hand, it was a great opportunity to kick off a new phase in which she will stop playing a character and start participating in the consumers’ daily lives, having fun alongside them,” says Fábio Simões, creative executive director at FCB Brasil.

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CEO and CCO: Ricardo John


Creative Executive Directors: Anna Martha, Fabio Simões

Creative Director: André Pallú

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Client Approval: Gustavo Fonseca, Alex Rocco, Claudia Benvenuti, Mariana Costa, Luciana Maru

Genres: Comedy, People, Dialogue

Categories: Utilities, Cable / Satellite TV

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