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SK-II and Katie Couric Launch Docu-Series Exploring Societal Pressures Facing Women

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The skincare brand teams up with the investigative journalist and Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore for 'Timelines'

Global skincare brand SK-II and investigative journalist Katie Couric have launched 'Timelines,' a new docu-series that explores the evolving and controversial topic of marriage pressure and societal expectations that women face globally.

'Timelines' is the latest campaign within #ChangeDestiny, an ongoing global platform to inspire and empower women to shape their own destiny. As part of this platform, SK-II sheds light on the ‘box’ women all over the world are put in to due to societal norms and lends voice to the pressures they face to be the perfect woman in society’s eyes.

SK-II’s #ChangeDestiny platform has celebrated how destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. It has featured stories of courageous women who have taken the first step to overcome barriers and challenge societal expectations in campaigns such as 2016’s award-winning 'Marriage Market Takeover' that put a spotlight on the labels of 'Sheng Nu' - or 'Leftover Woman' - in China. In 2017, it premiered 'Expiry Date' and in 2018, 'Meet Me Halfway.'

This year, SK-II is partnering with award-winning journalist Katie Couric to launch 'Timelines,' a four-part docu-series furthering the brand’s commitment to this cause.
In 'Timelines,' Katie travels to Japan, China, Korea and her home country, US, to explore the pressures put on women by their families and society, and spark a conversation on marriage pressure and the unique role it plays in their life timelines. She uncovers the dreams and aspirations of four brave young women, and learns how these clash with the societal and cultural expectations coming from the ones that love them most.

In New York, Katie meets Maluca, a musician and her mother Liz, to explore the generational shift that has happened and what’s most important: a plan or a dream?
In Tokyo, Katie meets Maina, a fashion buyer and her mother and grandmother, Yumiko and Sahako, to explore what it means to be marriageable in a country with a tradition of conformity.

In Shanghai, Katie meets Chun Xia, an award-winning Chinese actress and SK-II Global Brand Ambassador, and her childhood best friend, Dan Hua. Together they explore just how different expectations you can have on life, even though you grew up together.

In Seoul, Katie meets Nara, an artist and influencer, and her mother, Soon, who love each other very much but live in two different worlds. Together they try to navigate what it means to follow your own timeline in a country rapidly changing but grappling with traditional values.

Through the sharing of the stories of these four independent young women, SK-II and Katie Couric hopes to inspire women around the world to draw their own timelines and celebrate that destiny is a matter of choice, instead of living a life according to society’s expectations of them.

“For the ‘Timelines’ docu-series, I was able to speak one-on-one with four incredibly strong women from around the globe who embodied this new generation of women writing their own rules to follow their dreams, while navigating the expectations of the ones who love them most,” shared Katie Couric.

“To me, ‘Timelines’ was illustrative of the power of a brand embracing a controversial topic and and creating an environment where conversations could take place and cultural change could actually happen. None of these things happen overnight, but I think the fact that a short film can really move people to talk about things that are difficult to talk about inspired me a lot.”

Sandeep Seth, chief executive officer at Global SK-II said: “At SK-II, we are committed to using our voice to empower women to create their own destiny and overcome limitations placed on them, be it in skin or in life. We know that there are bigger issues our consumers — young working women are struggling with beyond skin and beauty. Societal expectations and the pressures of being put in a “box” of being the perfect woman.”

“Marriage pressure forms a big part of this and is a highly relevant and real topic for women across countries and backgrounds. Katie Couric is the perfect partner to help uncover these unique perspectives and elevate this important conversation with ‘Timelines’. She shares our goal of inspiring women to challenge conventional norms and draw their own timelines. There’s still a lot to do, and this is just the beginning.”

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