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Shipping + Handling Delivers Lively VFX on New Oakley Prizm Campaign

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VFX supervisor Jerry Spivack teams up with production company Stept Studios to debut new campaign
Shipping + Handling Delivers Lively VFX on New Oakley Prizm CampaignCreated and directed by Leigh Powis and Stept Studios, post-production VFX/Motion design/animation/color/finish company SHIPPING + HANDLING was tasked with the art of crafting realistic visual effects of the NFL stadium and crowd-roaring experience for Oakley. The brand’s mesmerizing new ad showcases it’s Prizm technology on eyewear and helmet shields, an alluring advance in football equipment and Oakley’s first step into the football market and partnership with the NFL.

In its biggest sports deal ever, Oakley kicked off its NFL partnership with spots that star MVP Patrick Mahomes II of the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Derwin James Jr. of the Los Angeles Chargers. The concept behind the collaboration is to demonstrate its lens technology in an arena where clear vision is crucial. The film shows the game from the perspective of the athletes, filmed using custom point-of-view camera rigs.

Within 18 hours of being awarded the project, SHIPPING + HANDLING Creative Director & VFX Supervisor Jerry Spivack was on a flight to Kansas City for the first day of the shoot. Spivack supervised all scout and shoot days in Kansas City, MO, Dana Hills, CA, and San Diego.

On the creative and technical challenges of working on the project, SHIPPING + HANDLING’s Spivack commented, “We got the opportunity to work with a fantastic creative group at Stept Studios. While they brought us in to fill 3 stadiums with rowdy NFL crowds, the scope grew and we were fortunate enough to contribute VFX sequences throughout the entire piece. Director Leigh Powis and the entire crew from Stept were incredibly collaborative and generous on the shoot days which allowed us flexibility in the end.”

“The 3 NFL players were all being shot either individually or with very few other talent. We needed to composite the NFL players into NFL stadiums and fill the seats with fans. Our other creative challenges were creating a 3D NFL football and animating it's flight, as well as creating a transitional effect that moved the viewer through the Oakley Prizm shield,” added Spivack. 

SHIPPING + HANDLING used Goalem to generate fans in order to fill the stadium and then performed a considerable amount of compositing in Flame to place the NFL players shot on green screen into NFL stadiums. Maya was utilized to animate a 3D NFL football. The project additionally utilized AfterEffects.
The spot’s :30s format debuted on broadcast today, and its longform :60s version is currently live online and via multiple social platforms.



Oakley Content & Creative: Chasen Marshall
Oakley Brand Director, North America: Erin Byrnes
Oakley Sports Marketing, North America: Ryan Evert
Oakley Product Marketing, Eyewear: Tamara Weinstein
Oakley Product Marketing, Shields: Jenna Wendell
Oakley Project Manager: Christy Lange
Oakley VP of Marketing, North America: Cindy King
Oakley VP of Wholesale, North America: Justin Andrews
Oakley Global Brand Director: Ben Goss
Oakley Global Brand Comms: David Spires
Creative / Production (All 3 Productions)
Creative Agency: Stept Studios 
Production Company: Stept Studios
Post Production Company: Stept Studios
Visual Effects Company: SHIPPING + HANDLING
Stept Executive Producer: Nick Martini
Stept Creative Director: Adam Rachlitz
Stept Head Of Production: Laura Cushing
Producer: Brian Bell
Stept Director: Leigh Powis
Stept Photo Producer & Production Manager: Megan Arizmendi
Director of Photography: Brandon Kelly
Kansas City Crew
Producer: Kevin Porter 
Stept 1st AC: Shaw Fisher
2nd AC (Camera A): Shawn Wright
2nd AC (Camera B): Tomas Pease
2nd AC (Camera C): Collin Martin
Media Manager: Patrick Robinson
Still Photo Digitech: Jason Tracey
VFX Supervisor: Jerry Spivack
Gaffer: Mel Graham
Key Grip (Driver): Karen Foglesong
Grip: Steven Bartkoski
Grip: Justin Browning
Grip/Swing: Shane Ricketts
Grip/Swing: Sean East
Dolly Grip: Scott Lynam
Vanity - HMU/Stylist: Sarah Lift
PA/Truck: Joe Disciacca
PA: Chris Hansen
PA: Tyler Dean
PA: Alexander Miera
PA: Eric Warren
PA: Anne Gravino
PA: Jacob Schermerhor
Jane Studios 
Jane Executive Producer: Rich Rama 
Jane Production Manager: Bradley Alexander
Jane Producer: Michael Montenegro
Jane Director: Westley Sarokin
Crew Supervisor: Mike Dix
Jane DP: Adam Carboni
Jane 1st AC (B Camera): Alex Purifoy
NFL (Kansas City)
Director, Sponsorship & Partnership Management – NFL: Arielle Dyner 
Coordinator, Sponsorship & Partnership Management – NFL: Elena Bakar
KC Chiefs: Main Contact: Ganesh Nair
KC Chiefs: Main Contact: Greg Morrissey
KC: Shannon Gault
KC Chiefs: Brandon Ramos
KC : Kellen Begnoche
KC: Kim Hobbs
#Cast (Kansas City)
Kansas City
QB: Patrick Mahomes
Talent Extra: Kaleb Prewett
Talent Extra: Sam Belfonte
Dana Point Crew
Camera Campaign
Stept 1st AC (A Cam): Shaw Fisher 
Stept 2nd AC (A Cam): Drew Barnett
Cam Op B Cam: Chris Naum
1st AC (B Cam): Taylor Dane Ross
1st AC (C Cam): Alex Fauver
2nd AC (B and C Cam): Kyle Huemme
Phantom Op: Cam Riley
Phantom Tech: Jamie Alac
DIT: Zach Lyall
Production Supervisor: Jay Aaseng 
1st AD: Cody Boesen
2nd AD: Mark Jopling
PA - AD: Melodi Tuna
PA - Set: Grayson Clemmer
PA - Set: Siya Bahal
PA - Set: Tori Soper
PA - Set: Jack Kelly
PA - Set: Josh Sims
PA - Set: Moises Carranza
PA - Truck: Jonathan Rodriguez
Photographer: Matthew Coughlin 
1st Photo Assist: David Cooke
Digitech: LA: Stefan Vlemingcritz
Photo Assist: Jack Planter
Key Grip: Jason Rupe 
BBG: Lauren Callahan
Grip: Adrian

NFL Campaign Main Edit
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