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Serviceplan Spain Wins First Silver at New York Festivals Advertising Awards for Puerto de Indias 'The Unfair Bottle'

Advertising Agency
Madrid, Spain
he campaign was conceived to give visibility to the problem of the 11.9% gender pay gap by offering 11.9% less product in the limited edition bottle

Serviceplan Spain are celebrating their first New York Festivals award: a Silver in the category best bottle design for Puerto de Indias’ The Unfair Bottle’.

Serviceplan Spain was responsible for the creativity and strategy of the Puerto de Indias brand's campaign featuring an International Women’s Day limited edition bottle named ‘The Unfair Bottle’. Puerto de Indias wanted to surprise its consumers through awareness, with the launch of a special bottle as part of the brand’s  Puerto de Indias Blackberry range, a special edition bottle was decorated with words representing the different professions with the greatest wage inequality. In order to highlight the 11.9% gender pay gap, the special edition bottle contained 11.9% less product than the usual Puerto de Indias bottles.

The artwork on ‘The Unfair Bottle’ was by famous illustrator Laura Massana, better known on social networks as @threefeelings.

‘The Unfair Bottle’ limited edition Puerto de Indias Blackberry is a gin flavour that was born a year ago, and created by a team of women from the brand.

With this launch, the main objective of the brand was to highlight the gender pay gap between men and women in Spain. According to Eurostat data, women in Spain earn on average 11.9% less than men for doing the same job. Far from narrowing, this percentage has increased over the last year as a result of the pandemic. In fact, if it continues at this rate, it is estimated that it will take 121 years to achieve real equality.

This CSR campaign sought to generate affinity and empathy with the brand's main target, women between 18 and 45 years of age, by offering 11.9% less product in its bottles as a gesture of protest. However, as Puerto de Indias do not want anyone to suffer this inequality, everyone who decided to buy the bottle received another smaller bottle with the remaining percentage of product (11.9%), against discrimination.

The proceeds from the sale of this Special Edition were donated to various national associations and projects that fight for equality and the elimination of the wage gap.

Emilio Valverde, executive creative director, Serviceplan Spain commented, “This award and recognition from New York Festivals marks the beginning of a new stage for Serviceplan Spain. It is the confirmation that ÜberCreativity and the tireless search for creative excellence ends up bringing results. I would like thank Puerto de Indias for believing in courageous and purposeful ideas like this one.”

Watch ‘The Unfair Bottle’ case film here.

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