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Serviceplan Group Hosts ÜberCreative Summit in Zurich

Advertising Agency
Zürich, Switzerland
The summit harnesses creative energy at the Swiss House of Communication

Serviceplan Group’s first ÜberCreative Summit is to be held in Switzerland. Today and tomorrow, senior creative staff from all of the agency group’s locations around the world will be meeting in Zurich. Alexander Schill, the joint owner and global creative director of the Serviceplan agency group, created the summit format in 2016, with the aim of bringing together creative minds from all over the world for regular discussion. 

The ÜberCreative Summit in Zurich on 26th and 27th February is the 8th edition of the format for Serviceplan Group, and the inaugural summit in Switzerland. Over two days, top creative minds from Japan, Europe and North America will develop new ideas, discuss their current work, talk about the latest trends and consider how they can turn regular brands into Best Brands. The way to achieve this is to apply ÜberCreativity, a term Serviceplan uses to refer to all of its experts working together on an integrated, cooperative basis across the Houses of Communication. ÜberCreativity is a special form of innovation that results when various specialists, cultures, talents, media and technologies are brought together.

Raul Serrat, the host of the ÜberCreative Summit, and executive creative director of Serviceplan Switzerland explains: “An exciting story used to be enough to build up a brand. But communication now works very differently. Branding has become a team sport. That’s why it’s important to tackle challenges in an inter-cultural way.” Serrat believes that the event is the ideal platform to foster team spirit and for participants to challenge themselves.

The ÜberCreative Summit has now become the most important internal event on the calendar for creative leaders in the Serviceplan Group. Each host aims to showcase the event’s location to their guests with an exciting supporting programme. On the agenda this year are guided tours of museums and visits to top local sights, as well as motivational speeches and presentations on inspiring campaigns from the agency group. Of course, there will be work to be done on both days as well. For this, the WigWam brainstorming format will be used to create a large number of ideas in as short a time as possible. The method was developed by Jason Romeyko, worldwide executive creative director at Serviceplan Group. 

Many award winners will also be bringing their creative energy to Zurich, and Alexander Schill, who will be moderating the ÜberCreative Summit, is himself a leading creative personality in the advertising industry. He has been one of the driving forces behind Serviceplan becoming the most highly ranked creative agency in several countries and has already won 75 Cannes Lions and two Grand Prix awards.