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See Jeans Differently with the 'Move Your Lee' Campaign from McCann Hong Kong

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Lee Jeans launches Fall/Winter 2018 Collection with spots targeting Chinese millennials

Lee Jeans, working with McCann Hong Kong, has released the 'Move Your Lee' campaign for the brand's Fall/Winter 2018 Collection. The campaign is specially designed to appeal to the Chinese millennials to change their perspective and experience the world with Lee.

'Who’s following me?' is a Chinese culture-centric interpretation of 'Move Your Lee' campaign. It is a bold move inspired by the way millennials beckon to their friends when they make the next move to travel, play or as they embark on their adventures. This social tone of voice catches fire in its debut and this Fall/Winter, Lee Jeans invites the Chinese millennials to stretch their imagination further with this “optical illusion” campaign. 

“With our 4-way stretch technology, we inspire millennials to experiment and view their lives from multiple perspectives. The campaign highlights the duality movement of the body as well as the movement of the mind,” says Vincy Ho, senior marketing director, Lee Jeans China.

The second exciting development is the introduction of Lee’s X-line, a brand that is uniquely designed for millennials and Gen Z shoppers in China and sold exclusively through e-commerce channels. “X-line gives creative license to reflect the rising needs of the Gen Z, a new generation living multiple lives in one day,” says Jaslin Goh, chief strategy officer and managing partner, McCann Hong Kong. Creatively sought fabrics, fits and collections resonate with these Millennial Moment Makers, giving them greater freedom and greater expression than ever before.

What's more, this Fall/Winter, Lee X-line brings the millennials and Gen Z shoppers to next level of imagination with the insightful idea 'Fission of Self', where the youth loves to see multiple manifestations of themselves in different roles and styles. The campaign captured their love of variety and diversity around their core passion – snacking.

Be any snack you like! A banana that glows with the sharpest colour and become the spotlight of their own stage. The yellow & blue couple feather jackets that transform the duo to the sweetest Macaron couple. The fluffiness of the marshmallow hug that makes the “little fresh meat” (an internet term for attractive, young male pop stars) feels exceptionally fresh.

McCann believes that this snack transformation formula could help Lee X-Line grasps the ever-changing millennials’ attention and to stand out in the cluttered market. The teams have also partnered with Lays and introduced the Lee X-line first ever cross-over wearable potato chips and denim jacket, which is only available for sale online.

McCann Hong Kong takes the 2018 Fall/Winter campaign to the next level and inspired progressive footprint to Asia Pacific, including Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa and Macau. “The success of McCann’s work in the launch campaign has taken us from China to winning the region’s work for Lee Jeans”, says Florence Kong, Managing Partner, McCann Hong Kong.

Caleb Cheng, Marketing Director, Lee Jeans Asia, commented, “Regionally, we want people to see Lee has an imaginative, playful and energetic brand. McCann is a great partner that help us pushes the creative envelope.“

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