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Sanoma Media Presents a Medieval Lesson in 21st Century Advertising

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Helsinki, Finland
hasan & partners peels back the modern veneer of marketing to tell the age old tale of the power of advertising and brand differentiation

Forget Game of Thrones, Sanoma Media Finland, publisher of over 50 of Europe’s largest consumer media titles such as Cosmopolitan magazine, unveils “Game of Potatoes”, a medieval lesson in 21st century advertising. 

Created by hasan & partners, the glossy spot peels back the modern veneer of marketing to tell the age old tale of the power of advertising and brand differentiation.

The 60-second film opens with the words “Finland, 21st Century” and presents the viewer with a busy Finnish medieval market town, alive with villagers, traders, animals and paraphernalia.

Three potato sellers, similar in appearance, can be seen as they compete in vain to offload their spuds. As patience thins over the lack of sales, they soon break into a brawl. 

Suddenly, the pace of the music quickens and in comes a new Swedish potato seller, complete with a brightly painted cart, and an entourage of trumpet players and fire breathers to attract attention. 

The new seller unveils his load of “gold potatoes”, which look no different to the tuberous crops touted by the others. 

He also has something new to sell: “mash potato”. A stampede of excited customers quickly ensues as the other Finnish sellers can only look on, despite the apparent lack of difference in product. The film ends with the message “remember to advertise”.

The campaign, which plays on the deep-rooted rivalry between Finland and Sweden, began in September.

Tobias Wacker, creative director at hasan & partners, comments: “With this film we wanted to strip marketing back to the fundamental principles that have existed since man first started trading. We had a lot of fun, especially creating the medieval set and atmosphere, but it has a serious timeless message. The brand that advertises is the brand that stands out from the crowd."

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