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San Publicito Filter Helps Advertisers Answer that Dreaded Question from Friends and Family

Advertising Agency
London, UK
On the day of the most beloved and praised Saint in advertising, San Publicito, Isobar Spain’s Instagram filter asks: “and what is it you do for a living?”
Every last Friday of January is celebrated in Spain as the day of Advertising, also known as San Publicito. A special day for creatives, executives, directors, communities and anyone who works in the wonderful world of the advertising agency. 

It’s not their birthday, nor the end of the year, nor the day on which his summer vacations begin. San Publicito is the most anticipated day of the year for anyone in advertising because in some way, it is a day to support and value all the workers in the sector. 

This saint is for the advertisers. Because in addition to dealing for days, weeks, even months, with all kinds of clients and campaigns, often they arrive at their home for a family meal or a party with friends and have to face the most feared question for everyone in advertising: "And what do you do for a living?" 

Isobar Spain wanted to pay tribute to this question that everyone has ever lived, based on daily and close insights that every advertiser constantly listens to. 

A filter that randomly assigns you one of these questions and phrases and, that under the hashtag #SanPaciencito can be shared to give visibility to this situation to which workers are exposed, with humour and warmth. 

Some of the questions that the filter throws out make reference to the media: “Do your ads appear on TV?” , “Where they put your work?” and others seek to understand how advertising works from within: “What do you do at work?”, “Art director, and what do you direct?” Or this one: “Copy? That does not exist.” There is also a shortage of the small favours that are asked of those who handle the editing tools: “Could you make my CV beautiful?”, “Can you photograph and retouch me?” There is also the eternal question that more than one of you will have had to face this week: “What time will you finish today?”

This filter will be active indefinitely, since any day it can be used, safe in the knowledge that it will still make sense. 

To use the filter, you only have to access your Instagram profile and search @isobar_es; in the filters section, you will find the San Publicito filter.