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Samm Henshaw's Impromptu Pet Pic Inspires 'All Good' Video with Samsung

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The catchy new track ‘All Good’ encourages people to forget their stresses and kick up their feet – guaranteed to lift fans spirits in campaign from Mother 

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has today announced a fresh and unique collaboration with UK-based soul and R&B singer, Samm Henshaw, launching ‘All Good’ which is available to stream on Spotify now.

Following the success of his US-tour, and to tease the launch of his 2021 debut album, Samm was challenged by the brand to take part in its Inspired by A true photo platform. This entailed him composing and recording a new song based solely on a photo, which was taken by a Samsung Galaxy Customer and uploaded to Instagram. The chosen #withGalaxy image – which is also the single’s artwork cover – shows a grinning Indie-Pomeranian crossbreed and is the inspiration behind ‘All Good,’ featuring feel-good lyrics and up-beat melodies synonymous with Henshaw’s style. 

“This was such an exciting project, particularly over the last few months when undoubtedly peoples’ creativity may have been challenged. When I first saw the photo, it instantly made me smile and feel happy, so I knew I had to bring that same energy to ‘All Good’, I want to make people get up and dance! The fact it’s just a photo taken on someone’s Samsung phone, not knowing the how or why, and making it the start of my creative journey is an experience I’ve never had before. I’m so grateful to Samsung for this opportunity, it has opened my mind to new ways of songwriting and definitely something I would explore with future material” said Samm Henshaw. 

Alongside the track, the official ‘All Good’ music video will launch on 9th December, which is a fun and futuristic mini film that sees Samm explore a restriction free, alternate reality. Inspired by the vibrant shades of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (which launched earlier this year), the video brings an explosion of mayhem to screens in a playful take on how a drab office setting can transform into a daydreamer’s paradise with the power of music. 

Samm’s photo-inspired track is the second project of Samsung’s ‘Inspired by a True Photo’ platform (developed by Mother London), based on a simple mechanic; taking a single user-generated #withGalaxy image taken on a Samsung device and making it the focus and inspiration of a creative journey. 

“Samm’s latest track is a clear demonstration of how our smartphone pictures can inspire creativity in fresh and exciting ways, with Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and our Inspired by a True Photo platform. Whilst our devices are at the heart of how we communicate, they’re also modes of self-expression and discovery, and this enables us to unlock new ways of creativity with talented artists such as Samm. Camera rolls are full of images, and they could go on to inspire some amazing creations for our customers,” said Sharon Hegarty, marketing director, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

Samsung tracked down the photographer, Ayush Luther (@black_hawk_x7), to find out the story behind the smiling dog picture. The star of the shot is his pet dog Bunny, who is an adorable Indie-Pomeranian crossbreed. Ayush spotted him excitingly running up the stairs of their home one sunny evening earlier this year. Straight away, he noticed the beautiful sunset falling behind him so wasted no time snapping this special moment with his favourite furry friend.   

“I’ve been a Samsung customer for a while and the dynamic camera always encourages me to photograph more unexplored beauty. When I saw Bunny looking so happy and carefree, I knew I had to take his photo. Whenever I look back at this shot, it always gives me such positive energy and puts a big smile on my face. I can’t believe my dog and a picture on my phone has inspired a whole song and music video, my family and I are big fans of ‘All Good’ already!” said Ayush Luther. 

“Our smartphones have evolved the way we use photography in more ways than we could have imagined. We don’t just take a good picture, but we use it to communicate with our friends and family, with the photos becoming the tool of conversation. This platform has shown us that a single shot can inspire incredible creativity – a music track, a comedy sketch, even a homewares collection – all stemming from one image,” said Alex Conaway, head of brand for Mobile, Tablets and Wearables, Samsung Electronics UK.

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