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Sam + Mikey to Lead All Content in New Roles at Boys + Girls

Advertising Agency
Dublin, Ireland
Creative duo will have responsibility for all content being created at the agency

Ireland’s No 1 independent creative agency, Boys + Girls has appointed the creative team of Sam Moorhead + Mikey Fleming as Content Leads.

The first role of its kind at Boys + Girls, it recognises how the creative industry as a whole is rapidly evolving and where branded content is playing an increasingly central role in marketing communications.

Sam + Mikey will have responsibility for all content being created at the agency, initiating concepts for clients (and Boys + Girls) in addition to overseeing other creative work in the business.

Rory Hamilton, Founder and Executive Creative Director, Boys + Girls said: “As we create more and more of this kind of work in-house, we needed a dynamic and imaginative team at the helm. Over the five years they’ve been at Boys + Girls, Sam & Mikey, have a created live TV series, an online dating show and their own interview series. This, along with their own side-project work, makes them the perfect fit for the role.”

About Sam & Mikey

Copywriter Sam & Art Director Mikey met on the ICAD Upstarts Programme in 2011 and have been working as a creative team ever since.

Since joining Boys + Girls five years ago, they’ve produced several cross platform, award winning campaigns. They’ve created live TV for Aldi during their Six Nations sponsorship coverage, commissioned giant skulls for Jose Cuervo, tattooed the nation for The Irish Heart Foundation, saved dogs for ŠKODA, and played matchmakers for Three.

They’ve also bonded over their love of side projects, writing and creating a number of short films and music videos. Their on-going passion project – the web-series, Boyz on Top about the mixed fortunes of a boy-band is in the pipeline.

They’ve been known to work apart too. Sam is founder of creative breakfast series, the side project. While Mikey’s improv. group, Auto-Correbt sold out their run at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival.

This eclectic mix of non-traditional advertising, on top of their own proactive work, has taken them to their new roles as Content Leads.