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Salamandra.UK CEO Joins Gold Animation Jury for Creative Circle 2022

Windsor, UK
Christine MacKay, CEO and founder of multi-award-winning animation studios,, was selected as a judge on the Creative Circle 2022 Animation Gold Jury

Christine MacKay, CEO and founder of multi-award-winning animation studios,, was selected as a judge on the Creative Circle 2022 Animation Gold Jury, with gold judging set to take place in June and July, and Creative Circle's 77th Awards Ceremony in September at Dreamland Margate. Christine is joined on the Animation Gold Jury by Brad Silby from visual effects company, Framestore, as foreperson, and a cohort of British animation experts. 

The Creative Circle (also known as The Advertising Creative Circle and The Advertising Creative Circle of Great Britain) is an educational awards body dedicated to creativity in British advertising, and the oldest advertising and marketing awards body in Europe. Their mission is to help promote creative excellence in advertising, while sharing knowledge and experience through educational programs and supporting young creative people. Creative Circle is committed to pledging 10% of all award entry fees, and 100% of all membership fees to the Creative Foundation, a charity that supports young under represented creatives in need of help to support them on their pathway to a creative career. Their sponsors include Creative Pool, Little Black Book, Creative Equals, and the Young Creative Council. 

Commenting on her selection as a gold judge, Christine said: “I’m thrilled to have been invited to be a Gold Judge on the 2022 Creative Circle Animation Jury! Over 800 UK creatives registered this year, and I’m sure the judging process won’t be an easy feat! Good luck to everyone who entered, and thanks to Jeremy Green and the Creative Circle Awards for selecting me.”

Christine MacKay founded in 2014, a multi award-winning animation studio that specialises in animation for business (B2B) and visual problem-solving. Having worked both client and agency side on three continents, Christine has expert knowledge in building collaborative, frictionless teams, developing a strong company culture, and, as a serial networker, cross-pollinating businesses. Her team works as visual problem solvers across 18 different industries, from children’s book illustrations and corporate explainers, to training videos or immersive augmented and virtual presentations, during which they produce unique and powerful multifaceted visual assets, and create content that resonates with their clients’ target audiences memorably.

In 2021, she released her bestselling book, Destination Animation - How Smart Marketeers Convey Complex Messages memorably, which tells the story of animation as a medium for B2B marketing as opposed to entertainment alone, while exploring why animation makes for a compelling and versatile business tool, and how it conveys complex messages more memorably than text alone.

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