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Russell Tovey Reveals the Truth Behind People Smuggling in Amnesty International Film
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London, UK
Film from VCCP aims to drive awareness of the ‘Nationality & Borders Bill’ on people seeking asylum

Today Amnesty International UK launches a hard hitting campaign called ‘People Smuggling Ltd’ in an effort to drive awareness of the damaging impact the proposed ‘Nationality & Borders bill’ will have on the UK asylum system. In failing to provide safe and legal routes into the UK for people seeking asylum, the bill will force people into the lethal arms of smuggling gangs instead. Already a hugely lucrative criminal enterprise - the only people set to benefit from this bill are people smugglers. 

The new Amnesty International UK campaign launches with a 90” hero film, created by VCCP London, with media planned and executed by VCCP Media. Launching today across Amnesty’s social channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, ‘People Smuggling Ltd’ satirises a fundamental flaw in the bill - that it will benefit people smugglers not those seeking safety in the UK. ‘People Smuggling Ltd,’ is a fake business created by Amnesty International UK masquerading as a blue chip company to dramatise the growth predicted for the people smuggling industry thanks to the bill. 

Narrated by actor Russell Tovey, the satirical promotional video is designed to give this ‘business’ a veneer of acceptability. ‘People Smuggling Ltd’ initially appears as a legitimate successful global business, but gradually reveals the exploitation at the heart of its model and the boom in business anticipated as the result of the ‘Nationality & Borders Bill.’ Backed by an upbeat, promotional soundtrack, the generic corporate film mixes fake corporate footage with hard hitting imagery depicting the harsh realities for those fleeing conflict and persecution. The corporate video draws to a close with a very clear change of tone, set to the eerie backdrop of waves lapping on shore, as Amnesty International UK enters the film to explain the severity of the Bill and the impact it will have on those seeking safety, finishing with a call to action and a reminder that ‘when we all act, humanity wins’.

Tom Davies, refugee and migrant rights campaign manager at Amnesty International UK said: ‘The Government’s case for the draconian measures in the ‘Nationality & Borders Bill’ is entirely false. Ministers claim the bill will stop people making dangerous journeys, combat people smugglers and save money - none of this is true. We want to urge the British public to seriously consider the impact this legislation will have on people seeking asylum and to take a stand by  signing our online action, to pressure the government to rethink this harmful bill. VCCP London have worked with us to create a campaign under the guise of a faux company’s promotional video that will have mass reach in a format that’s uncomfortably impactful and encourages people to take action.’ 

Jonny Parker and Chris Birch, executive creative directors at VCCP London added: ‘Amnesty International continues to campaign against injustice and act as a voice for those who are most vulnerable. Being involved in such an important piece of work is so rewarding. It’s good for humanity and great for the soul. Our hope with this campaign is that it will encourage support from the public which drives action from the government to reconsider this potentially harmful bill. Let’s make sure humanity wins on this issue.’

To support the campaign, media has also been purchased in The Guardian in a fold out insert as Amnesty International UK calls for the British public to support this campaign. 

The campaign ‘People Smuggling Ltd’ by Amnesty International UK will run in the UK from today for one week across paid and organic social, and print. ‘Together we must stop this.’ Take action now at

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