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Rothco is Dreaming of a Profitable Christmas for Mobile Network Meteor
Advertising Agency
Dublin, Ireland
Agency changes Christmas classics to skimp out on royalties

Rothco created an album of 'sounds-a lot like that famous Christmas song’ tracks as part of the digital element for Meteor’s Christmas Unlimited through-the-line campaign. 

Meteor is one of Ireland's mobile communications providers and the ‘nobody likes Christmas Ltd so have an unlimited Christmas’ campaign used Rich billboards starring Nicholas St Wenceslas - misanthropist, Christmas magnate and CEO of Christmas LTD - to check out the album on Spotify and drive people to Christmas LTD and Meteor’s own site where you'll find the perfect unlimited gift.

We all love the Christmas classics, you simply have to walk into any shop from November 1st to Jan 1st to hear these Christmas songs played on loop.  But let’s be honest, these songs are played for one reason only - to get customers in that ‘it’s better to give than receive so get out your wallet’ frame of mind.  But wait, these tracks cost money right? Paying music royalties doesn’t fit with the Christmas LTD ethos. So how can Christmas LTD encourage shoppers to shop online with the help of Christmasy music without paying for it?  They changed the songs just enough to avoid paying royalties that’s how!

What sort of sick mind thinks like this you ask?  Nicholas St Wenceslas of course. The CEO of Christmas LTD.  The company that charges you more whilst giving you less.

You can listen to the playlist here.

The five track CD titled: “A Very Profitable Christmas” features:

- Quiet Night

- Gilld The Walls

- Festive Shrub

- Shark!  The Festive Lifeguard

- Happiness To The Earth

Performed by Christmas LTD Choir, featuring Alma Kelliher (wife of Shane O’Brien from Dead Cat Bounce) and Stevi Russell, Producer at Rothco.