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Rodrigo Saavedra Transports Lovelorn Singles to Tropical Paradise for Pyjama Boutique Nufferton

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Los Angeles, USA
The Directors Bureau director brings his usual quirky visuals to this film for the pyjama boutique

Los Angeles-based production company The Directors Bureau director Rodrigo Saavedra grants tropical dreams to unsuspecting pet owners in the short film “Coconut Kiss” for pyjama boutique Nufferton, out of the agency GOLF. The film delivers a midnight reprieve for lovesick singles in the city, with punches of pastel, seaside whimsy and striped loungewear.

In the short, a forlorn woman emerges from a tense call to come face to face with her main struggle: her recent single status. Upon falling asleep, however, she is led on a sleepwalking escape to an uncharted island by her wily dog, reuniting her--if only just for a night--with her lost love. The film gradually reveals the city’s other citizens’ escapes to dreamland.

The film’s quirky visuals are a stylistic mainstay for director Saavedra, who brings a sense of quirky humour and artistic sensibility to all of his work. Saavedra’s signature humour can also be seen in work for clients such as Budweiser, Chivas, VW, Havaianas and Corona.

The Directors Bureau has been operating out of Hollywood for over 20 years, and maintains a distinctive roster of directors who capture the popular imagination in a broad range of media. Their mission to build an acclaimed dossier of likeminded artists with varied careers has been marked by highly newsworthy and cinematic endeavors. A singular company culture fosters originality and collaboration, which shines through in the company's exceptional work.

TDB: Special Projects division provides bespoke concepts, marketing and media solutions to a select group of clients.

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