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Rodeo FX's Top Picks at SXSW 2022

Creative Production Studio
Montreal, Canada
Experience, highlights and ambitions by the teams at Rodeo FX

Rodeo FX's experience and audio teams flew to the 2022 edition of SXSW. From Montreal and Toronto to Texas, they were able to immerse themselves in new technologies and the hottest topics. 

Here’s their top picks!

HALO: Drone Fireworks 

An incredible PR stunt for the launch of the Halo TV series at Paramount+. 400 drones choreographed at 300 feet in the sky allowed viewers to see a working QR code that drove to the trailer, and a series of image formations  announcing the arrival of the new TV series. To add to the excitement, the world premiere of the Halo series was featured at SXSW, which Rodeo FX did extensive VFX environment work on. 

Clearly one of our favourite projects due to its originality, its humanity, and its technical challenges, the Halo drone show reminded our team of our own drone work in Montreal; a show of over 200 drones with messages of encouragement to honour two young Quebecers for Desjardins Insurance.

XR Experience Exhibition

With the world of immersive expanding, SXSW continued its annual XR  exhibition bringing together innovative VR and AR from independent up-and-comers and creative heavy hitters from around the world. It’s always interesting to see what is being done in the industry.

The team were charmed by Composition by Vincent Morissette of Montreal's Phi Centre. Persuasion Machines from Sundance, Goliath: Playing with Reality produced by Meta Quest and Green Planet Immersive Experience from FACTORY 24 are also worth mentioning! 

FRAMERATE  Exhibition : Scanlab projects

FRAMERATE showed environmental change in microscopic detail in their exhibition Work In Progress. Made from thousands of daily 3D scans of British environmental scenery, the artwork captures minuscule changes that are impossible to see through traditional camera lenses. The current condition of the environment is a subject that touches everyone on earth and it was impressive to see this breathtaking execution. Awesome 3D time-lapse project! 

NFTs, Crypto, and the Metaverse 

NFTs / Crypto and the Metaverse were all over SXSW this year, and have clearly moved to the mainstream with many traditional brands entering the space. These technologies can no longer be something that brands wait and see on, however, it's still very hard for brands to predict where to place their bets in the space.

It's an exciting time for creative content creators like us at Rodeo FX, as we're well positioned to help brands build their first content and experiences that tap these technologies as they move to enter and more actively participate in the metaverse.

In addition to our 3D & Real Time team's ability to help create the 3D worlds, we're also excited about how NFT and blockchain technology can be tied to live events and moments for brands. We saw this first hand working with Binance/Honeymoon this year delivering POAP NFT's at the Superbowl for their Crypto Celeb alert campaign. We're bullish on brands finding more & more interesting ways to make meaningful customer connections with these new tools. 

In seeing the advancements in VR and AR, we’re planning to do more R&D on experiential fluidity between the visual and audio experiences—developing our capabilities for surround and binaural sound will allow us to reach an on-point fluidity in the creation of our VR experiences. Finally, the advent of the metaverse, very well represented at SXSW, inspires the possibility of integrating this technology into future concert experiences we collaborate on.  

It’s a lot of fun to keep up to date on tech advancements in our industry and to experience where it’s all going firsthand. Our team came home with lots of ideas and new connections! See you next year.

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