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Ridley Scott Directs Tense Thriller Set in Istanbul for Turkish Airlines
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London, UK
Cinematic short film stars actress Sylvia Hoeks and premiered with a 30-second trailer at the Super Bowl
"The Journey", Anomaly's new, cinematic short film for Turkish Airlines directed by Sir Ridley Scott, premiered yesterday evening during the Super Bowl ad break with a 30-second trailer.

Anomaly partnered with Sir Ridley to direct the Istanbul-centric film for Turkish Airlines, based around the plot of a cat-and-mouse chase across the city's iconic landmarks paying homage to the its unparalleled splendor with its new airport, poised to be the biggest in the world.

The 30-second trailer for "The Journey" premiered yesterday evening during the Super Bowl ad break and the full, six-minute short film has today been released on Turkish Airlines website and social media platforms. The 30- and 60-second trailers of "The Journey" will be aired in cinemas and TV in all strategic markets of Turkish Airlines.

Anomaly worked hand-in-hand with Turkish Airlines, director Ridley Scott, RSA Films and a sizeable team of producers, actors and crew members to create a dazzling cinematic ode to Istanbul that helps cement Turkish Airlines as one of the world's most beloved and creative airline brands.

"We took a standard brief for an advertising campaign and deployed the strong use of storytelling to truly inspire viewers," said Fabian Berglund, executive creative director, Anomaly Amsterdam. "With that in mind, we wanted to make something that celebrates the airline, the new airport and the city of Istanbul, creating content that people seek out to watch."

This new short film marks Scott's first return to the advertising world in 18
years with actress Sylvia Hoeks, known for her role in Blade Runner 2049 and more recently The Girl in the Spider's Web, cast as the lead character.

"I decided to go back and click-into advertising because I love the chase and the speed of the job," said Sir Ridley. "The fact is that this project went beyond the limitations of traditional advertising, and allowed me the creative freedom to tell the story."
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