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R/GA Announces Companies Selected to Join Second IoT Venture Studio UK

Advertising Agency
London, UK
Programme will be housed at R/GA London's Shoreditch-based connected headquarters

R/GA Ventures has announced the nine companies that will participate in its second UK-based venture programme - the R/GA IoT Venture Studio UK. The companies include a diverse mix of next generation entrepreneurs and startups using Internet of Things technology to bring digital innovation into the real world.

Several of the selected companies are working to transform the retail environment, including Mimica, Swipecart and Sensing Feeling. Beringar is working to improve the utilisation of space in buildings and Homebox helps consumers stop overpaying for household bills. Wearable X is bringing smart fabrics to the consumer market. Boldmind and Sceenic are working in the social and marketing space, and Cupclub is part of the emerging circular economy, tackling disposable coffee cup waste.

Launched in collaboration with Innovate UK, the UK Government's innovation agency, the programme officially starts today and is to be housed at R/GA London's Shoreditch-based connected headquarters.

Participating companies in the second R/GA IoT Venture Studio UK programme are:

1. Beringar helps clients to better utilise space with smart building sensors that uncover use pattern data and make buildings talk.

2. Cupclub is a reusable packaging service for food and beverage, designed to help brands and retailers reduce single-use plastic packaging by up to 40% through trackable products and an in-built loyalty system.

3. Boldmind created Flow.City, an easy to use hyperlocal advertising platform that gives advertisers access to a system of smart digital billboards. Media planning is supported by proprietary algorithms and data feeds relevant to the location.

4. Homebox helps people stay in control of their household bills by putting everything in one place and switching to the best deals automatically.

5. Mimica develops food spoilage indicators that reduce food waste.

6. Sceenic has developed a 'Watch Together' SaaS solution that enables media companies to create watch together experiences for dispersed viewers.

7. Sensing Feeling delivers advanced human emotion-sensing products using AI & Computer Vision to help businesses measure their customers’ emotional response in real-world spaces.

8. Swipecart has created a new way to shop: they are redefining the customer journey by enabling purchases of goods in a physical space directly from a smartphone.

9. Wearable X is the future of wellness that brings together design and technology to create a better quality of life through experience and fashion.

As with all R/GA Ventures programmes, the selected companies will have the opportunity to work directly with R/GA’s award-winning strategic marketing, consulting, branding, design, and technology teams, and will have access to its network of clients, industry partners, global brand leaders, mentors, and investors. The programme will support the companies in developing and growing new business models and technologies that will drive disruption using IoT.

"The Internet of Things continues to carry the disruptive power of digital into the real world. Together with sensor technology and artificial intelligence, IoT is transforming retail, strengthening the consumer relationship, and tackling global challenges such as food waste.” said Matt Webb, Managing Director of R/GA IoT Venture Studio UK. “R/GA is looking forward to working collaboratively and closely with this new cohort of nine companies in order to help create real momentum for each of them in their respective markets”.

Also joining the programme as a sponsor is Latch, who bring with them their deep expertise and a broad network to support the companies. Latch is a pioneer in Enterprise IoT, and was itself a participant in an R/GA Ventures programme in 2015.

The programme will conclude in May with a demo event at which each startup will present to industry leaders, partners, investors and customers from the technology and innovation community. For more information, visit and follow @rgaventures on Twitter.

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