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Renault Russia Develops Psychological Support Programme to Fight Car Anxiety

BBDO Moscow creates 'Test Drive Adaptation' to help people suffering from PTSD after car accidents

There are thousands of accidents on Russian roads every year. Drivers and passengers both suffer from physical injuries and psychological traumas. People who have been in car accidents usually face progressive post-traumatic stress disorder. For some of them PTSD doesn’t pass, it is getting worse, so people start panicking as soon as they try to get behind the steering wheel, which causes them to abandon driving completely.     

“We were surprised the problem hadn’t been addressed before,” commented Alexandr Zagorsky, creative director at BBDO. “When we started to work on the project, it turned out there were lots of people around who had stopped driving after accidents, as they were unable to overcome fear on their own and didn’t know where to apply for help."

BBDO teamed up with Renault Russia and the 'Dinamika' psychological support centre to develop the 'Renault Test Drive Adaptation' project together. It is the first course of psychological support test drives in the world that helps drivers to overcome their fears after car accidents. Each participant of the project will be able to attend three sessions for free. The therapy will be held by coaches with special psychological education.

The program includes:

• A counselling session in a consulting room

• A counselling session in a Renault Logan Stepway on a specially equipped driving field

• A drive around the town in a Renault Logan Stepway equipped with an instructor’s dual pedal set

“Part of the therapy against car anxiety is the car itself. That’s why we really appreciate that our initiative was picked up by Renault, one of Russia’s largest car brands,” comments Sergey Pleshkov, BBDO art director. “A car brand has to be bold to not shy away from the responsibility of being the first to actually address the issue of car accidents and their consequences for people’s mental well-being.”

Over the course of the next month, expert psychologists will assist project participants in overcoming their fear of driving, while the drivers will get the chance to practice at the wheel of a Renault Logan Stepway. Experts will adjust the course for each given case, adapting it to a person. 

Drivers who require help after accidents will have the opportunity to join the project for free by filling in an application at until February 17th 2019.

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