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Remote Filming Launches Unique Multi-Camera Remote Streaming App
London, UK
New product functionality will allow streaming from multiple cameras on one monitor without the need for specialist equipment or training for production crews

Remote Filming announces the launch of its multi-camera app, the latest addition to the streaming service’s bespoke software offering. The launch marks the first time productions across the world have access to technology allowing users to stream multiple camera feeds for film and still shoots through one portal simultaneously, with or without playback. 

Built by a team of experienced production professionals, Remote Filming offers a sought-after solution to an industry-wide problem, the multi-camera app provides near-zero latency for users who can view streams on any device, from any location with internet access. 

Security is paramount to Remote Filming, and all users accessing the streaming service can be assured of its 100% fully encrypted and secure end-to-end transmission. The content is streamed instantly to a secure viewing portal that can be accessed by any device anywhere in the world with internet access and the session password.

Unlike most other remote filming solutions, no specialist equipment or prior training of the software is necessary to operate the new multi-camera app. Anyone from a runner to a producer can work the system, all that’s needed is a laptop, a capture card, and an internet signal. The streams can be viewed by unlimited viewers on any device (Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, or SmartTV).

In addition to ultimate flexibility (multiple cameras on one shoot, or single camera on multiple shoots) and security, the multi-camera app offers easy remote set-up, 24/7 tech support, perfect and stable image and audio quality.

Streams can be viewed in film strip or gallery mode, with multi-format frame lines. 

Yanina Barry and Alex Seery, co-founders at Remote Filming comment: “We’re so excited to be launching our multi-camera streaming app. It’s an immense breakthrough. The fact you can now view multiple cameras at the same time in one stream is a huge advance, so we’re thrilled. The team worked really hard to eliminate any latency and make it simple to use by anyone on set. We take the feed out of the monitor on the shoot, so whatever everybody's seeing on set, that's what you're seeing remotely, but now you can have that coming from multiple places. You could have somebody shooting in Scotland, somebody shooting in America, and it's coming into the same feed so you can have that going on simultaneously. It is brilliant, lightweight, and secure - everything you need to be confident when filming and shooting stills remotely.”

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