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ReMake: Why the Industry is Ripe for the Next Digital Disruption
Asset Management, distribution and software
London, UK
Daniel Robey, founder of localisation and versioning platform, ReMake, opens up about why the industry is ready to be made “a hell of a lot simpler”

The Current State of Play

Everyone is trying to invent something new and exciting, but many of the best unicorn businesses didn’t actually invent something from scratch, rather dramatically improved something that already existed. Take Uber, a company which came along and completely disrupted the world of licensed transport. They identified a much better, simpler, faster way of providing ‘mobility as a service’, developing a solution and transforming the industry as a result. 

Another great example is Airbnb, which allows consumers to easily rent out rooms anywhere in the world. Like Uber, Airbnb identified an industry that was ripe for disruption, changing something nobody had previously deemed necessary to change. Apple is also an example of a company that has revolutionised so many processes, when thinking about solutions in the consumer mainstream world: the iPhone, iPod, iPad - the experience IS the product. 

These companies made tangible changes to their industry, while staying true to their beliefs, understanding exactly what they want to be and don’t want to be. 

When it comes to the localisation and versioning space, the right solution is yet to be invented. Up until now, there has not been a solution that offers automation tools which accelerate and scale content production, without compromise. This part of the industry is ripe for disruption, and we are the disruptors. ReMake provides a highly-sought after solution that changes this space for the better. We have our sights set on becoming a unicorn business - a software company which does versioning and localisation at speed, and scale, simply.

Stick To What You Know

We know exactly what ReMake does and doesn’t do. It doesn't do the creative of the ads, it isn’t an editing tool, it doesn’t do the analytics, it doesn't do the trafficking, ReMake isn't a creative director. There’s plenty of things we are proud we do not do, and this is precisely because we are not trying to sell everything to everyone: we are selling one core solution that has the power to instigate the next digital disruption in the creative sector. 

ReMake does versioning really, really, really well; it is best-in-class and that is exactly what our mission is. When I talk about an ecosystem, I’m referring to all those other tech products that fit into the versioning and localisation process. A lot of what we discuss internally at ReMake, focuses on allowing creators to create ads, designers to design ads, copywriters to write copy - because we know that this creative cannot be replicated. Creatives need to do what they do best, while production and versioning teams do what they do best, and we will fit into the ecosystem as a smart piece of tech that facilitates unprecedented speed and scale, working harmoniously within the versioning ecosystem. We call ourselves a people enabler. 

Becoming the Change

In my view, tech is only effective if it solves a purpose that's very important - it should never require a long-winded instruction manual. ReMake does exactly that in a simple and painless way. We are clear on the problem we are solving, and provide a simplified solution and superior experience overall. 

In the production world, the versioning process still feels clunky, everything is stop-start. ReMake’s mission is to simplify the process - like Apple, Airbnb and Uber - doing its part to complement the other smart tech that does their part, easily plugging into a company’s workflow. Our system versions content that is output to different social and broadcast platforms. People are creating more and more content online, there are more ads, more languages, more calls to action, more changes than ever before. With clients like Unilever and onboard, we are geared up and ready to make things a hell of a lot simpler, industry-wide. Brace for impact, change is coming. 

ReMake is a versioning platform that allows you to make content changes and achieve unprecedented simplicity, speed and scale. ​A no compromise, work-from-anywhere solution that enables instant versioning and lightning fast approvals from anywhere. In your browser, at your fingertips and always ready to go whether you want 20 assets or 2,000. Brands around the world are adding ReMake to their tech stack to release creativity, optimise campaigns and realise the potential reach of their brand story. All at a fraction of the cost of an agency.