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Recovery and Revival: TBWA Sydney Releases New 'Navigating Uncertainty' Report

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Sydney, Australia
As our society and economy is under extreme pressure during COVID-19, TBWA Sydney releases new report to offer guidance on how brands can navigate these unprecedented times

The report titled ‘Navigating Uncertainty’ identifies eight Emerging Values that are unique to Australia and provide a simple framework to help brands plan across three phases: Response, Recovery and Revival.

Chief strategy officer Matt Springate (left) said the report was authored by the TBWA Sydney Strategic Planning team and focuses on the Recovery and Revival phases: “This crisis has been felt by everyone, we all feel it and live it, personally and professionally, day by day. It’s in our nature as an agency to help businesses navigate through these times.

“We wanted to curb the current feeling of hopelessness with some positive thinking, which will hopefully offer some guidance through, and out of, this uncertainty.”

One of TBWA Sydney’s planning directors, Matt Moran (right) who co-authored the report, said the recommendations are inspired by cultural insight from the present, and historical data from previous crises, including examples of brands that built resilience during World Wars and global financial crises.

Says Moran: “In every major global crisis or period of tension, we’ve seen a sharp rise in innovation and creative problem solving. While emerging technologies are often at the forefront, social and cultural advancements often have a more enduring, long-term impact on consumer behaviour.”

TBWA’s chief executive officer, Australia and New Zealand, Paul Bradbury, said he hopes the report will provide some confidence and optimism: “We’re proud of the level of detail and insight that’s gone into this important piece of work, both here in Sydney and from our global TBWA Collective, and hope it can offer some guidance to ensure we all rise up together.”

Emerging values to focus on for your Recovery and Revival efforts

The report explores eight Emerging Values that focus on helping people and brands recover as we come to terms with the new reality and begin to find our feet again. These include Collective Compassion, Creative Resilience, Elevated Homebodies, Solo Social and Satire Survival.

Says Moran: “One of our values we’ve identified for the Recovery phase is Satire Survival, which looks at how our anti-authoritarian roots and larrikin sensibilities are alive and well during times of crisis. Helping us cope and deal with the gravity of the situation. Aussies are using new communication tools to spread ideas and be heard during these isolated times.”

For each Emerging Value the report offers clear actions that brands can take, and reflects back on Australia’s ingrained cultural values as a reference point.

Brand action toolkit to navigate changing consumer mindsets

The report explores how the Revival phase will be defined by a proactive moment of considered reflection, where consumers leave limitations behind and rebuild, deciding on what to keep or discard.

One of the values identified is Collective Compassion, which describes our shift away from an ‘empathy age’ towards a more action-orientated mode of compassion for the collective.

Says Springate: “We’re tired of feeling sorry for ourselves and we’re ready to act. These challenging times can bring out the best in us, the compassion and care we’ve seen is heartwarming.”

To download the full report, visit link here.

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