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RAPP Print Incorporates Centre-Spread Staples
Advertising Agency
London, UK
Ad for OliElla skincare currently running in 'Very' launch issue

A press ad that incorporates the staples on the centrespread of a magazine into the creative execution has launched to promote natural skincare brand OliElla.

The ad (larger image at bottom of page), for OliElla’s Multi-­‐action Moisturiser promotes natural skincare alternatives to cosmetic surgery. It is currently running in the centre pages of the launch issue of Very magazine.

The creative shows a close-­‐up of a model’s face in the style of a typical beauty photoshoot. However, a second look reveals her skin has been stretched and held in place using the real staples in the magazine, mimicking extreme cosmetic surgery. The ad includes the product name and runs with the line: “You don’t have to go to extremes.”

The ad, which won the Press category at this year’s Chip Shop Awards, will be published in the October launch issue of Very fashion and beauty magazine with a circulation of 400,000 copies.

"This ad really questions the throwaway attitude to plastic surgery amongst women today. OilElla Multi-­‐action Moisturiser is an all-­‐natural alternative using earth-­‐friendly ingredients that keeps women looking beautiful naturally," said Deidre Richardson, Owner, OliElla Skincare.

"It's becoming increasingly ordinary for men and women to turn to plastic surgery to enhance or preserve (and sometimes ruin) the way they look. But there are alternatives to going to extremes -­‐ such as OliElla's all-­‐natural skincare products. The media placement of this ad brilliantly dramatises that point. Those centre-­‐ spread staples pulling at the model's face are a great metaphor for the consequences of the surgeon's knife," said Jason Andrews, Executive Creative Director, RAPP.




Company: RAPP
Brand: OliElla
Title: Extreme Beauty
Art director: Tori Fannon
Copywriter: Mark Teece
Retoucher: Jeffrey Osborne
Design Director: Adrian Whatman 
Executive Creative Director: Jason Andrews 
Media Director: Steve Hickman