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Puma Inspires the Love of Running in Japan

Advertising Agency
Singapore, Singapore
Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo taps moods not metrics for Run Navi app

Puma Running wanted to inspire runners by putting joy in everyday running, so they approached Beacon/ Leo Burnett Tokyo for an innovative project.


Other sports brands look to running technology to provide data, to track distances as well as times and even advise on form to athletes. But, for those runners who are not athletes and who simply enjoy the pleasure of running, the team wanted to create something different. Their research showed that many runners get bored of the same routes and sights, which causes many of them to shirk their run or even quit. They wanted to create an app that was a truly PUMA experience, one that gave new experiences and possibilities; one that reflected how a cat runs (with curiosity). 

RUN NAVI is an iPhone app designed to promote the joy of the run and to stimulate the average runners’ senses. By setting their "mood of the day" within RUN NAVI, runners can dynamically create their own personalized route and sights, synchronously updated on Google Maps and Google Places. Literally, it is able to take them to new places and encounters, while allowing them to maintain their required distance.

The app’s sound navigation notifies you of turning points to keep you on the route, also letting you know when you've reached your chosen sights, whether you are using another function or not. Furthermore, your unique encounters with sights on running can be also posted and shared with others as you run.


The project achieved over 100,000 downloads in the first three weeks alone. It was ranked as No.1 popular App in its category on App Store. Unfortunately for runners who want to 'get in the mood', the app is currently only available in Japan.


Creative Credits 
Creative Director        : Shunsuke Kakinami
Creative Planner, Copywriter    : Ryutaro Seki
Agency Producer, Copywriter    : Yongbom Seo
Account Supervisor        : Yoshihiro Ito
Art Director            : Yusuke Morotomi
Creative Planner        : Masayoshi Kato
Account Director        : Norio Serizawa
Interactive Director        : Ryoi Ryo Tsukiji
Art Director, Designer        : Junya Hoshikawa
Director (Site/APP)        : Yoichi Kanazawa
Animation (App)        : Jun'ichi Arakawa, Yuya Murase
Technical Director        : Muneaki Kanda
Production Manager (App)    : Ken Hirose
Engineer            : Tomohiro Ishikuni
Film Producer            : Gyosei Okada
Film Director, Editor        : Ryuichi Hasegawa
Camera                : Naoki Kasama
Film Production Manager    : Takamichi Saito, Ayumi Matsumoto
Sound Designer            : Yuki Ono
Motion Design (Film)        :  Ken'ichi Ogino, Suguru Tachikawa

Production Company / City:    BIRDMAN / Puzzle Inc. / Tokyo

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