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Publicis Channels Beck's 'Sexx Laws' in Psychedelic Renault Spot

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London, UK
Add a Dog's Kuntzel+Deygas launch Renault's Twingo with an explosion of colour

New Renault Twingo’s new look, new rear-engined architecture, ultra-manoeuvrable handling and raft of smart, travelling comfort-enhancing features deserved an advertising campaign to match its ingenuity and the new lifestyle for which it stands.

For New Twingo’s launch, Publicis Conseil has concocted an offbeat advertising campaign which spotlights the car’s outstanding agility. In association with Renault, the agency recruited artists Kuntzel+Deygas, renowned worldwide for their elegantly animated graphic creations.

In 1993, Renault took the motoring world by surprise when the original Twingo seemed to land from another planet. The industry’s first mini people carrier was unconventional, cheery and utterly loveable with a cheeky demeanour. These traits were highlighted in a novel advertising campaign that championed a totally new approach to the automobile, with a slogan that invited customers to invent their own lifestyle to go with Twingo.

Today, the launch of New Twingo propels the model into an even more magical chapter of its existence, since Renault has taken a completely fresh look at its fundamentals, including a new rear-engined architecture and the switch to five doors for all versions, as well as a cleverly-designed modular interior and a new, contemporary look. Every bit as revolutionary as its predecessor, New Twingo is a car that stands for freedom – the freedom to go wherever it wants thanks to its exceptional turning circle which provides it with incomparable agility for effortless driving in and about town.

As a tribute to the original Twingo, Publicis has prepared a campaign which mirrors New Twingo’s unique, modern and vibrant personality in the form of a cartoon – one of the graphic world’s most powerful tools.

Working to the brief provided by Publicis Conseil and Renault, the idea of Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas was to make Twingo a cartoon character that plays the leading role in an animated choreography featuring a succession of virtuoso manoeuvres. The two artists present New Renault Twingo’s myriad of ingenious attributes through a series of mind-boggling steps that Twingo pulls off with panache and ease, to the background of sensual, rhythmic pop music performed by Beck.

Over the course of this graphic journey, Twingo stars as a sharp-minded character who travels through a multi-coloured keyhole to a string of cosmic planets, zigzags between the legs of elephant-like buildings, challenges a snaking ribbon, tackles a series of hairpin bends made of shoestrings, dodges a maze of water droplets, surfs on the chaotic cobblestones of a mischievous city and transports the spectator from this imaginary place into the real world.

In this campaign of unprecedented scale, the agile New Twingo stars in one principal two-minute film, three specific films and some 15 visuals, as well as in a range of refreshing and fun digital creations, while cheekily embodying the ‘Go Anywhere, Go Everywhere’ tagline.

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