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PSN Spain Shoot on the ‘Coast of Death’ for Nissan

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Madrid, Spain
Production Service Network Spain gives behind the scenes insights on Nissan’s life-saving wearable for Spanish barnacle-pickers
In Galicia, Spain, men routinely risk their lives and brave the deadly waves for one thing: barnacles.  ‘Percebeiros’ have an extremely dangerous profession, harvesting one of the world’s most coveted delicacies - the goose barnacle. For the first time - thanks to a ground-breaking new wearable created by Nissan and TBWA Spain – their lives can be a bit safer.

The dramatic, yet beautiful film was shot with support from PSN Spain. Navigating the aptly-named ‘Costa da Morte’ (‘Coast of Death’) to capture the Percebeiros in action was no easy feat, but with its extensive production experience and solid understanding of the local terrain, PSN Spain was the perfect partner to execute the logistical challenges.  

PSN Spain EP, Albert Soler, comments: "The moment TBWA Spain and Glassworks approached us with the innovative tech intended for the Percebeiros, we were on board to ensure everything on shoot was taken care of, from ideal location to safety procedures and permits to film. Whilst the work of the Percebeiros is dangerous in itself, shooting them at close range is also treacherous. The safety of the crew was of utmost importance so we had to ensure that all measures were in place to get the required footage safely."

PERCEBEIROS_EDIT_AGENCIA_V2_2_ENG_SIN from Production Service Network - PSN on Vimeo.

Film director, Vicente Gil Ginestar, provides further detail on the technical and emotive aspects of the project.

“Our principal camera was an ARRI Alexa Mini with Arri Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses and Angénieux Optimo Style zoom.  We also used other cameras like Sony A7SII with Contax Zeiss lenses to capture the fishing action from various angles on land and overhead for aerials shot aboard drone.”

"The project with TBWA interested us from the start because it offered an opportunity to portray the meeting of two very different and little-known realities – the trade of the barnacle harvester and an R&D initiative aimed to provide social assistance.

“We wanted to create a film that would achieve the natural intimacy of a documentary combined with an emotive, cinematic style.  Composer Xema Fuertes built his soundtrack on the director’s cut in order for the music to tell its own tale in harmony with images of how technology helps man stand up to nature.”

TBWA Spain conceived the campaign to improve Nissan’s market recognition across Galicia, in the northwest region of Spain.  Percebeiros are admired for their dedication to a risky livelihood.  Putting Nissan technology at their service raised brand awareness in a genuinely useful way.

TBWA Spain called on the team at Glassworks to develop the ‘Percebeiro Shield’ – a wearable smart wetsuit inspired by Nissan’s intelligent mobility and safety shield technology, which detects danger on the road.  It uses laser technology and software analyses the different types of waves to detect the most dangerous ones. The suit alerts the Percebeiros through audio, vibration, and LED lights, allowing them to dodge the most hazardous waves in time. If they fall into the water, the system also detects this and sets off an alarm system that alerts emergency services. 

Juan Sánchez, VP of Creativity and Innovation at TBWA Spain.
“Technological innovation has to be at the service of communication, not the other way around.  In this case, the development of the Percebeiro Shield, and the campaign to launch it, is our way of communicating that Nissan’s technological innovation is always geared toward a final objective:  improving people’s lives.”

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 ‘Percebeiro Shield’ with English subtitles is now live online. The director’s cut can be seen on PSN’s website.

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