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Proximity Barcelona's 'The Doll That Chose To Drive' is a Viral Hit

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The campaign for Audi has recently hit 15 million views

“The doll that chose to drive” is an animated short film signed by Proximity Barcelona, commissioned by Audi Spain for release during the holiday season, to challenge the gender differences that still exist in the worlds of play and driving. It's the story of a doll who decides to break away from the pink shelf where she lives to cross the abyss that separates her from the blue world and to drive a toy Audi R8. The tale serves as a metaphor between the real distance that still exists between male and female drivers, which starts in childhood when kids are told that toy cars are only for boys.

The short film, produced entirely in Spain, was a viral success at Christmas. It was shared organically and was watched more than 3 million times in the first three days. This figure has now surpassed 15 million and it has spread beyond Spain and become a topic of conversation all around the world. In fact, the brand has adapted the campaign to more than 30 markets, reaching audiences as far afield as Indonesia, Morocco and Pakistan with a message promoting gender equality.

#LetsChangeTheGame: An integral campaign whose hashtag is a social demand.

The initiative encompasses more than the film. “The doll who chose to drive” is an integrated campaign with content designed to build the message from different perspectives. The film has a trailer, as well as some amusing bloopers. The reverberations of the campaign were amplified on social networks, with ad hoc content for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on key dates during the Christmas period.

The website contains interesting educational information created in collaboration with a specialist about the impact of play on children’s future development.

It also sends out the message that “playing, like driving, shouldn’t be a matter of gender”. A limited-edition toy was produced, consisting of a toy Audi R8 and doll set, for which more than 10,000 requests were received.


Audi opens the debate about gender and driving

Through this initiative, Audi has succeeded in starting a conversation on gender and driving, and how the stereotyped roles we are assigned as children are reflected in adult behaviour. Hundreds of national and international media organisations have produced opinion columns on the subject, triggering a wide debate that includes different perspectives in the leading motoring publications and in top women’s magazines such as Elle (France), Telva (Spain) and HelloGiggles (the United States).

In short, as Audi says, this is one way that the brand can do something this Christmas to promote a more egalitarian society, starting with boys and girls, the drivers of tomorrow. A message of equality that Audi supports as a brand. Let's not forget, for example, the first woman to win a world rally, Michele Mouton, achieved success in an Audi quattro Sport.

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