Productive Supports Freelancers During Covid-19 Outbreak

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Founder and creative manager Kate Jenner calls on industry and clients to regenerate pre-production activity wherever possible
Productive Supports Freelancers During Covid-19 Outbreak

With Covid-19 sweeping through Europe, the Productive collective is looking at the positive sides of the pandemic. This comes in the launch of #preparedtoshoot, to try and keep freelancers working through this difficult time.

The Productive collective (made up of casting directors, producers, production designers, art directors, costume designers and stylists) in Spain and many other creative sector freelancers across the world are at home right now without work. In Spain, freelancers have been in isolation since the weekend. These people rely on shoots and these shoots have either been cancelled or postponed.

The idea, #preparedtoshoot, is a call out to the creative industry and its clients to change the way we work, for good if necessary. The industry needs to look for more ways to facilitate remote working in pre-production and actively prepare shoots from home where possible.

This initiative aims to help regenerate pre production activity as quickly as possible and give freelancers in the creative industry more certainty of where their next paycheck is coming from. So much is possible from home.

Kate Jenner of Productive says: “Many people’s work is affected by the current Covid-19 situation. As founder of the promotional platform Productive I promote and manage various different freelancers in Spain. Right now most of my freelancers are without an active project on the table. 

“We must change the way we work. Now. As someone who has worked as a client, in agency and in a production company I know this change is possible. Let’s look at the creative supply chain and work out what we can do."

“For my freelancers in particular I know that if we break production down into parts and work out which parts can be progressed from home right now we can keep some productions moving. That would be something. It’s difficult but it’s not impossible."

“As an industry we need to work together to regenerate opportunities as quickly as possible. So I open my doors to anyone who works in the creative industry supply chain who thinks they can help make this change a reality with me.”

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Productive, 6 months ago