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Pringles Fan Gets Stuck and Finds Love in Super Bowl Spot from Grey New York
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New York, USA
Brand celebrates its iconic can packaging in Big Game campaign from Grey New York and Tom Kuntz

Pringles is delivering ingenious humour and game day snacking inspiration with the release of its fifth consecutive spot, breaking its silence on a real fan phenomenon. Proving yet again to be a Big Game advertiser to watch, this year's ad shows the length fans will go to enjoy their favorite salty snack, tapping into the unexpectedly fun consequences that only come with munching on Pringles crisps. Fans were recently given a SNEAK PEEK via the Pringles social channels with real Tweets from Pringles' fans recounting their own 'stuck in' experiences.

The spot is inspired by the age-old 'Pringles problem' fans experience while reaching for the last crisp in the iconic can – getting your hand 'stuck in'. In fact, 43% of people admitted to getting their hands stuck in a Pringles can! After tuning in, Pringles fans will understand getting stuck isn't a problem at all – rather, something to be celebrated as a "worth it" risk to reach every single irresistible crisp.

"We took a new direction for this year's campaign, honing in on an insight and real situation only our fans encounter when snacking on Pringles straight out of our one-of-a kind can. But we put a spin on that idea, proving that our delicious crisps are worth getting your hand stuck in a can for - a 'risk' that is inherently Pringles," said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles.

"Following an outstanding year and outpacing the salty snacks category with 12% growth while hitting $1 billion in U.S. sales, we're encouraging fans to 'get stuck' with us during this year's Big Game."

"Pringles Stuck In" celebrates the life-long journey of one devoted Pringles fan, opening with the fan reaching for the last crisp in the can and getting "stuck in" as a result. The spot goes on to showcase a day-in-the-life look of key milestone moments in kaleidoscopic fashion – from a first date to raising children – all celebrated while enduring the unexpected and hilarious consequences of the unique Pringles snacking experience. Ultimately, the torch of encountering this "worth it" risk is passed onto the next Pringles lover.

The 30-second spot – brought to life by the Grey Group and supported by the Captura Group to ensure representation of Pringles' diverse consumer base through casting – will air at the end of the third quarter and be simultaneously broadcast on Telemundo.

"Who knew that so many people out there, and dating so far back, had this 'problem' unique to the brand's beloved packaging? We thought it was time Pringles addressed what is clearly a real and enduring, yet worth it 'risk' for fans," said Justine Armour, chief creative officer of Grey New York. "What better use of the biggest ad moment of the year than to address one of America's perpetual snack dilemmas?"

"Pringles Stuck In" will be supported by a fully integrated campaign including PR, digital and social media. Instagrammers and TikTokers alike will see notable brand fans sharing their comedic takes on getting "stuck in" with Pringles including Award-winning actress, producer, musical artist and TV personality Keke Palmer, professional football wide receiver Byron Pringle and trending TikTok creators. The campaign will also be supported with yearlong TV and online media buys targeted to U.S. Hispanic audiences.

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