Predator Football Boots Have the Unfair Advantage in Dynamic adidas Ad

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BIRTH directors Yohan Ungar and Valentin Guido take a fast paced trip through Paris for the iconic Predator's 2020 redesign
Predator Football Boots Have the Unfair Advantage in Dynamic adidas Ad

adidas Paris entrusts Birth Productions with the launch of its iconic Predator football boot, freshly redesigned for 2020.

Birth directors, Yohan Ungar and Valentin Guiod, go on an intense, fast paced journey through the streets and underpasses of Paris. The new generation of young players are competing, but not always playing by the rules, because the smartest sometimes have to be unfair to win and impress. The film, shot on multiple formats, builds a relentless rhythm and a strong collage aesthetic.

The film was shot during two days on a digital camera, bolex 16MM, DV camera, Iphone and Go Pro... to give some power to the images.

To direct the three different scenes of the film in the lavotamic, the underground football pitch or the underside of the aerial metro, many extras were involved, including Parisian football Influencers such as Brice Nanou or Alpha 93.

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Directors: Valentin Guiod and Yohan Ungar

DOP: Léo Schrepel

Produced by: BIRTH

Executive Producer: Arthur Emorine

CEO: Hugo Nathan-Legrand

Line Producer: Thomas Aboulker


Production Coordinator: Juliane Klüft

Production Assistant: Esha Wootum

Production Manager: Raphaël Giletti


Stylist: Annelaure Nicolas

Costumer: Chloé De Nombel

Make-up Artist: Djoher Ait


Editors: Morgan Mirza


Music: benzēne


Colourist: Emiliano Serantoni


Photographer: OJOZ

BTS director: Christophe Ideal


Brand Manager Adidas: Victor Sharp

Directors Rep: Agent Elson

Genres: People, Action

Categories: Clothing and Fashion, Sportswear

Agent Elson, 1 month ago