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Post-House Finish Stop People In Their Tracks

Post Production
London, UK
Video artist Doug Foster creates crowd-stopping art for Finish's front window
To celebrate the launch of Finish’s new website the Soho Post-House commissioned ex-commercials director and video artist Doug Foster to produce an original work for its large window frontage on Wardour Street.
Stopping passers-by in their tracks, the installation 'Convolver' takes advantage of the existing grid structure of the window by using moving image that is similarly fractured. Foster divided the central twenty-seven panes into nine horizontally spaced time delay zones so that as you walk past,the twisting coils of light waft in your wake.
Using lights, movement and animation to create an impressive piece of content is something that Finish hold very close to their heart. Justine White of Finish said today; “As we worked on the new Finish websit,e which now showcases all our previous projects, including how we made them and our inspirations... we wanted to express our passion for moving content elsewhere too. So along came Doug. I’d seen his work before and had been impressed and he was keen to create an original piece which suited Finish and its surroundings.”
The film strives to draw attention to the window in a gentle yet unimposing way, which is a novelty on such a busy Soho street “I like to think it is a bit of calm and reflection in the midst of the madness,” said Foster today.
Made by filming a variety of lighting effects, liquids and moving textures with all multiple image post production completed in-house at Finish.
Here's a few links to one from Doug which shows the render of the animation on it's own:
And this one of the installation in situ on the Finish front window: