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People of Obsession Find Peace in Samsung South Korea’s BESPOKE Refrigerator Ad

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Seoul, South Korea
Film from Cheil Worldwide is the latest under the 'Respected by BESPOKE' platform to promote the customisable refrigerators

Samsung Electronics promotes its new 2022 BESPOKE refrigerator lineup with a spot that chimes in with millennials and gen Zs’ work-from-home lifestyle to trending memes. 

Samsung has been carrying out ads that convey the diverse lifestyles and tastes of users for the BESPOKE refrigerator range that has allowed personalization of fridges’ colors, materials, and modules. The latest is no exception as it sees people with obsessions in out-of-the-world settings feel satisfied, thanks to the BESPOKE refrigerator. 

The latest spot called 'A BESPOKE Original Series' highlights how BESPOKE refrigerators can cater to the needs of users regardless of one’s taste or any form of food obsession with its newly upgraded functions. 

Created by Cheil Worldwide, the film is composed of five different stories of five people with distinct obsessions and how they each use the BESPOKE refrigerator, delivering the message that any obsession is respected by BESPOKE. 

The first story deals with a man so obsessed with wine that he even has a BESPOKE wine cellar as part of a document cabinet in his work-from-home office. The second story takes place in a VR gaming as a user who is overly serious about food and wine pairing relies on the SmartThings app to get recommendation on best dishes to go with the wine, by simply scanning the wine label. 

Set against more traditional backdrop, the third story is about a woman who is a true activist of the so-called “Even if I freeze to death, I’ll drink iced beverage” representing people who love to consume iced drinks regardless of how cold it may be, giving a perfect finish to iced Americano on the rocks with the BESPOKE refrigerator’s auto dual ice-maker feature. 

The fourth story heads to space with an astronaut who is “Serious about meat” as protagonist, depicting people who believe juice in the meat is the most precious thing as she enjoys her steak preserved in optimal temperature with minimal moisture loss, thanks to BESPOKE refrigerator’s multi-pantry defrost mode. 

The last story reflects on the popular “Looking at it eases my mind” gif, portraying a man obsessed with perfect alignments feeling satisfied with the BESPOKE kitchen-fit fridge that is made to perfectly fit in standard kitchen cabinet space. 

“This year marks BESPOKE refrigerator’s 4th year in the market since Samsung launched it as its first customizable home appliances, and we are committed to showing how BESPOKE refrigerator is built to respect any food or design obsession people might have,” said Minhae Kim, Brand Manager of CE Communication Group, Samsung Electronics. “We hope this spot excites people who are tired of cookie-cutter products, and helps continue our journey to shift the paradigm of consumer electronics market.” 

The campaign includes an official two-minute film which showcases five stories, while 30-second edits concentrate on one story each. The work is rolling out in South Korea across broadcast media, digital, and out-of-home, and has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube since its release in late April.

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