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Partizan Launches Darkroom, a Creative Hub Focused on Young Talent

Production Company
London, UK
How the company is aiming to turn great ideas into thought provoking films, while showcasing some of today’s most dynamic and talented young directors
The world of advertising is changing, with brands continuously aiming to produce campaigns that are culturally relevant for today’s younger generation. At Partizan, we’re pioneering tomorrow’s creative movement to push boundaries and explore artistic potential. With the future set firmly in our sight, we’re delighted to introduce Darkroom.

Darkroom is a “platform for emerging talent, a go-to place for agencies and brands to find filmmakers, animators and culturally relevant inspiration,” says Jenny Beckett, managing director at Partizan. “It will act as a melting pot for artistic exploration, with Partizan serving equal parts curator and mentor." We hope that Darkroom will be the showcase for some of today’s most dynamic and talented young directors.

The inherent authenticity of Darkroom directors makes it such an exciting space for agencies and brands. It’s not just some idea drafted in the back of a boardroom. These young visionaries are creating something truly relevant – and the industry is taking note.

Take Darkroom director Salim Adam’s content film for Nike, 'Lunar Charge'. The film fuses culturally relevant concepts to create a compelling narrative around today’s youth culture. Featuring a Brazilian Afrobeat track, links to the music industry (BBC Radio 1XTRA’s Shy), moody neon hues and cinematic shots of urban life, it coalesces to form an aesthetic lifestyle identity. In fact, Nike hardly features at all. It feels less like an ad and more like a lens into young urban life. The commercial never explicitly sells you on Nike’s products. Instead, it juxtaposes the famous Nike swoosh against the backdrop of modern life in London. It’s gritty, raw and powerfully absorbing. And it paints Nike as an innovative, forward-thinking brand that truly understands youth culture. Salim’s work encapsulates the essence of what makes Darkroom so thrilling: youth-focused campaigns, delivered by and for the younger generation.

Salim agrees, noting: “Being part of a younger generation, you can’t help but be influenced. When I document these things, they come very naturally to me. I think it’s important for agencies to gain input from someone who comes from this world. It really helps the visual aesthetic feel more authentic.”

Another Darkroom director, Sophie Jones, is also firmly entrenched in youth culture herself; with her creative approach intuitively providing that link to other young consumers. “I know my strategy and I know it better than anyone else. Why? Because I am part of youth culture. I know what’s relevant and what’s cool,” remarks Sophie. “It’s not rocket science; if you want to speak to youth audiences, you need to use their own language and values. You need to use someone they trust."

Darkroom is made up of nine directors in total – each with their own unique style and vision. 

- Salim Adam
- Alex Bernas
- Chris Day
- Nikita Diakur
- Ethan Graham
- Kaj Jefferies
- Sophie Jones
- Andrew Khosravani
- Vincent Tsui

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