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Paprika. Seasoning. Happiness: Jack in the Box Unnests Tasty Approach to Mask-Wearing with Chicken-Scented Face Coverings

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Los Angeles, USA
The campaign introduces Jack’s Unchicken Sandwich with mouth-watering spot by David&Goliath
In our current world, we can’t forget to wear our masks. So, an innovator in his own right, Jack had the genius - and self-indulgent - idea to create a mouth-watering mask no one will forget to leave on. In the latest campaign created by David&Goliath, Jack in the Box launches the Chicken-Scented Face Mask to introduce Jack’s Unchicken Sandwich, the brand’s first-ever, plant-based chicken sandwich and one of the first faux chicken sandwiches in the US fast-food space.

Whether you’re a chicken aficionado or trying to eat less meat, Jack’s new Unchicken Sandwich provides the flavour and goodness chicken has to offer for both plant-eating herbivores or flexitarians alike. The sandwiches are available in two varieties, regular and spicy, and will be available at select locations in Monterey and Salinas in California, and Reno in Nevada. And, since Jack likes to go all in, what better way to provide everyone with that chicken fix than with a novelty, limited-edition mask that customers can get for free.

The Chicken-Scented Face Mask video teaser, which went live yesterday, is a hilarious montage of blind-folded, curious testers attempting to identify what food…or feeling they are smelling. Some noted scents of 'paprika', 'seasoning' and even 'happiness', and were pleasantly surprised to find that what invigorated their olfactory senses was, actually, not real food. These masks smell so tasty, one tester, well, tried to eat it.

Starting on 23rd October, fans will be able to enter a giveaway on Jack in the Box’s website for a chance to score their very own Chicken-Scented Face Mask.

“This campaign was designed as a brand piece for Jack to ingratiate himself as a purveyor of a great chicken experience - without it actually being chicken” said Lixaida Lorenzo, group creative director at David&Goliath. “We are always looking for ways to add some Jack fun into people’s lives, especially during these times. So what better way of doing that than by turning something that has become an important part of our everyday reality into something that gives us a smile…even if no one can see it.”

Additional elements of the campaign include select influencers taking to social media to share their excitement about their new mask. 

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