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Panasonic Invites India to 'Meet the Future' of Air Conditioning
Advertising Agency
Mumbai, India
Wunderman Thompson South Asia launched the three part series 'MirAIe' as part of Panasonic's connected living solution updatable platform

Connected Living is the future and intelligent machines will soon minimise human effort across all areas, we all know.  Panasonic brings this future into Indian homes now, with the launch of its MirAIe platform asking India to Meet The Future. Powered by IoT and AI, MirAIe - Panasonic’s connected living solution updatable platform allows for customisation of sleep profiles on their air conditioners such that one never has to wake up in the night feeling too cold. The connected air Conditioner has intelligent and unique features such as the customised sleep mode that enables enhanced flexibility as it allows users to pre-set temperature profiles through the night for comfort.

The campaign created by Wunderman Thompson South Asia focuses on the younger, future forward millennials, who expect far more from life and don’t wish to be stuck with yesterday’s technology. A three part series, the campaign, brings alive irritations with yesteryears’ tech and presenting the value of future forward connected tech. Trying to switch off the lights by throwing tennis balls at the switch, dipping temperatures ruining glorious dreams on an un-prefixed AC show, resolving a young, modern couple’s tiff over who has to open the door and the enjoyment of a morning when all the chores are taken care of – quirky, young situations bring alive the benefits of connected homes across various moments of the day. The focus on younger millennial lives further emphasises the needs of a generation that is done with doing everything themselves, who’d rather focus on the multiple more interesting things they have to do in life. An audience that is the future and demands the future. To them, Panasonic says come, Meet The Future of Connected Living. 

Shirish Agarwal, head of brand and marketing communications, Panasonic India, said: “At Panasonic, we are committed to our vision, of creating ‘A Better Life, A Better World’. We are constantly working on new and advanced innovations that enhance the experience of our consumers and to bring these innovations to the Indian market. With the launch of our MirAIe platform, we bring to India the wonders of connected living – the joy of living every moment, with all of one’s chores and needs easily met, with barely a finger lifted. The campaign brings alive this sense of ease and fun that is possible in life when connected tech from the future is a possibility today.”

Joy Chauhan - SVP and managing partner, Wunderman Thompson, Delhi, said: “Panasonic is an iconic name for appliances in India and across the world. The brand has proved its Japanese heritage of bringing innovations and cutting-edge technology that makes lives simpler, better. The campaign captures this message simply, through everyday life situations, therefore emphasizing more the difference that connected technology can mean to our lives.”

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