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Panadol Partners With Smiling Mind to Help Australians Rethink Self-Care
Developed by whiteGREY, the campaign focuses on mental health and wellbeing supporting the 'Mindful Month with Smiling Mind' initiative
Australia’s leading pain management brand, Panadol, in partnership with mental health and wellness not-for-profit company, Smiling Mind, has launched a new initiative to help Australians look after their mental health and wellbeing amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

The partnership, facilitated by Panadol’s lead agency whiteGREY Sydney, is an extension of Panadol’s 'Let’s Rethink Care' brand platform introduced last year. To help Australians address a whole new set of challenges presented by the Covid-19 crisis, particularly around mental health, whiteGREY developed and executed Panadol-led creative supporting the 'Mindful Month with Smiling Mind' initiative.

The 30-day program encourages users to complete daily mindfulness exercises over 30 consecutive days within the free Smiling Mind app. Participants can register via the website to receive weekly support from Smiling Mind’s psychologists, track their progress and results via pre- and post- surveys and access downloadable tools and ongoing content.

Sarah Maher, commercial director at Smiling Mind said, “Our mission at Smiling Mind is to provide accessible, lifelong tools to help every mind thrive, and strategic partnerships with like- minded brands enable us to drive this mission further and wider. Delivered in partnership with Panadol, Mindful Month with Smiling Mind has been crucial to our efforts in helping Australians prioritise their mental health during this challenging time.”

Georgie McGarr, group director, whiteGREY Sydney said the partnership with Smiling Mind and the 30-day program is the perfect way to for Australians to come together as a community and manage their mental wellbeing during this testing time. McGarr said: “The program is intended to provide Australians with a well-supported and pressure free guide to help build a sustainable meditation practice that is enjoyable and relevant to the individuals’ interests and needs. Our hope is participants carry their new mindfulness habit into their daily lives once the program finishes.”

James Meins, senior marketing manager, ANZ, GSK Consumer Healthcare said: “It remains Panadol’s mission in helping Australians to Rethink Care, this has become more important than ever with the additional challenges and stress brought on by Covid-19. Self-care is essential for one’s wellbeing and is often forgotten in challenging times like these, particularly when looking after your loved ones becomes priority. Panadol has been fortunate enough to be in a position to be able to give back to the community, so it was essential that we did this in an all-inclusive way, our partnership with Smiling Mind achieves this by making the tools to practice mindfulness more accessible for all.”

New users are invited to register now and download the free Smiling Mind app. Access to the program begins on 1st June, with users having the option to start their 30 days from any time throughout the month. Visit the Smiling Mind website to register and here for more information. 

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