Pablo Alfieri on Why He Thinks His Art Should Always Be Playful

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Pablo Alfieri, director and visual artist of Antiestatico, shares his opinions on being a designer and how he founded his own design studio
Pablo Alfieri on Why He Thinks His Art Should Always Be Playful

Pablo Alfieri is an Argentinian-born graphic designer known for his use of bright colours, quirky designs and playful projects. Quite fitting, then, that he founded his own design studio ‘Playful’.

His work has been published in magazines and design books, and he has worked for many agencies across a plethora of brands.

Signed to ANTIESTÁTICO in Spain, we sat down with him to discuss his work, his opinions about being a designer and how he started Playful.

Q> What made you decide to name your studio Playful?

Pablo Alfieri> In 2008 I was working for a local design and motion studio before the rise of globalisation. After we got the internet in our homes and studios and with the birth of platforms such as Flickr and Behance, I decided to create an artistic name for myself and started doing the stuff that I could not do at work due to the limitations of the commercial world.

So I decided to think of a name that defines me in terms of my artistic exploration and that sounds the same in Spanish as English.

So I started from Play and ended up with Playful, a concept that is used a lot in the world of creativity and that positions me in the style of work that I like to do. I always look for an imprint of something playful, spicy and provocative.

Q> When did you realise that art was important in your life?

PA> Actually, my first contact with art was as an adult! When studying the history of art and above all the contemporary visionaries of the last hundred years, I felt a strong connection. And since I entered the world out of curiosity, I entered the commercial world more than art. I like to help brands, customers and friends shape their messages.

Q>  Where do you find your inspiration?

PA> Usually at night, alone, listening to music. Lately I’ve been trying to change my routine and propose to enter the world of ideas at any time and draw from them. Something I did not do long ago.

Q> Which of your projects are you particularly proud of?

PA> The truth is that the two jobs I did for Hatsu still have a special place in my heart because they were the first I did as Playful after my separation from Plenty. Hatsu called me to direct these campaigns. After talking to them, I began to understand their interest and desire to achieve pieces more linked to the world of arts, music and lifestyle. I tried to take the world of set design and link it with motion graphics and stop motion to give life to many spaces, both 3D and real. Even today, they are still pieces that I feel represent me.

Q> Are you lucky enough to work with several brands? How is your creative process?

PA> My creative process is based on writing. I usually read, do a little research of the product, brand, service, etc., then spit out everything that comes into my head. It ends up literally being lines and lines. Then I do a debugging process and conform the ideas into plans, even when they might have nothing to do with the final result.

Finally I enter the process of producing ideas with groups of talents specialised in carrying out these ideas at the end.

Currently when I want to do stop-motion, I work with my friends at Can Can Club. When I’m filming in Spanish, Antiestatico bring it to life.In English I have a lot of work with my friends at Eddy.I am also lucky to receive my own personal projects in the field of 3D. I work with independent professionals, very talented, who come together to do fun things for small businesses like Perrier.

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ANTIESTÁTICO, 2 years ago