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Outsider's Scott Lyon Creates A Viral Hit For Footlocker

Production Company
London, UK
Footlocker 'Stripers' show off their well-honed skills


AMV have produced their first work for Foot Locker since their appointment last year. The integrated campaign, Sneaker Skills, is aimed at the youth market.
As a brand with many years of sneaker experience and ‘Stripers’ (Foot Locker’s iconic staff) who eat and sleep sneakers, there’s no surprise to find that they’ve picked up a few nifty skills along the way. The campaign showcases some of these incredible skills and highlights Foot Locker’s amazing sneaker expertise.
Directed by Outsider’s Scott Lyon, the 30” film (and accompanying virals) shot from the POV of a ‘Striper’s’ camera phone, capture the behind-the-scenes skills of a gang of Foot Locker work mates as they effortlessly work the shop floor using clever, well-oiled tricks to get the job done. The cool, wide ranging sneaker skills that the Stripers have up their sleeves, turn standard shop skills into magical moves. Sneakers are hurled effortlessly back onto the shop shelves, boxes are balanced and carried 18 at a time. Sneakers appear magically in seemingly empty boxes or become instruments twirled at high speed like Argentinian bolas. The ad is shot in one take as we follow the journey of a pair of sneakers from the stock room to the till. Everything you see happened for real, there are no cuts within the commercial.
Online, Foot Locker shares its knowledge through Facebook, in which cool lacing techniques are animated as a walkthrough. The Facebook community is also encouraged to test out their own skills by partaking in a range of quizzes and mini games and share their skills with others.
In store, users will recognise consistent Sneaker Skills branding as they will see a range of Stripers performing tricks in the point of sale, from sneaker juggling to balancing.
The strategy is an evolution of Foot Locker’s previous work which focused on Foot Locker’s sneaker enthusiasm; the new work is a celebration of the individuals, the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm, that make Foot Locker what it is.
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Client: Footlocker
Title: Stockroom
Agency: AMV BBDO
Agency Producer: Ange Eleini
Agency Production Assistant: Sophie Delaney
Production Co: Outsider
Director: Scott Lyon
Producer: Zeno Campbell - Salmon
DOP: Will Bex
Art Director: Michael Jones
Editor: Art  @ Work
Post Production: The Mill