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Outrider Foundation Urges Youth to Make 2021 Better Than 2020 with Clever Voting Initiative

Advertising Agency
Madison, USA
Planet Propaganda’s #VoteItOverWith motivates and educates young Wisconsinites on how voting impacts meaningful action around environmental and social issues
2020 has been terrible, but this autumn, we can do something about it. That’s the key message of the #VoteItOverWith campaign, created by Madison-based Planet Propaganda, in partnership with the Outrider Foundation, to mobilise young voters in the swing state of Wisconsin.

Outrider’s mission is to build a brighter future by providing accessible information through digital media to inspire meaningful action around environmental and social issues. Geared toward college students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 30, the #VoteItOverWith campaign’s objective is getting people to take the necessary steps to register and vote in the General Election this autumn.

Even in regular times, young voters often find voting rules confusing and demotivating, and this year will present more challenges than ever due to Covid-19 and other logistical complexities. This campaign aims to reassure first-time voters and young professionals that voting is accessible and easy and underscores how enormously consequential voting is in crucial battleground states like Wisconsin.

The highly targeted campaign consists of hand-drawn motion graphics that will run on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, combining useful information with a touch of dry humour. For example, one execution is '2020 Time Management', while another is 'Easing the Pain of 2020'.
The ads all drive directly to the official MyVote Wisconsin page, where people can take the next steps to register and request an absentee ballot. The campaign will run through Election Day on 3rd November. Calls-to-action will change as the election gets: from 'register' to 'request your ballot' to 'find your polling place'.

As a UGC-driving extension, in collaboration with OhYa! Studio, Planet Propaganda created an interactive mural at 401 State St, Madison. The main focus of the mural is a pie chart with spinner titled 'Why I Vote'. It includes possible responses for the spinner to land on like 'founding daddy issues', 'cancel out uncle’s vote' and 'swing state (kinda important)'. To further traction for the campaign, Planet partnered with Collectivo Coffee Roasters (in Madison and Milwaukee) and Ian’s Pizza to distribute #VoteItOverWith postcards with drink and food orders which were designed using assets from the social media campaign.

“Outrider aims to educate citizens on important matters impacting our future. Since Wisconsin is a pivotal battleground state, a young voter education campaign felt like a natural, impactful way to engage this election season,” said Andy Adams, digital director, Outrider Foundation. “We hope the campaign will grab young voters’ attention and direct them to the resources they need to participate in this critical election.”

Jeremy Cesarec, strategy director, Planet Propaganda, concluded: “We’re longtime fans of Outrider’s efforts to protect our country and the world’s future, and as Wisconsinites, we’re well aware of how important the 2020 election will be. It’s crucial that young voters cast what could be the deciding votes, and our message is simple and motivating: in a year where you may feel helpless and defeated, there’s still time to make a real difference by voting.”